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Jeep Fan Blade

The Jeep fan blade is a component in the engine cooling system, helping to produce the flow of cool air necessary to dissipate the heat of the engine, maintaining a safe operating temperature. The engine cooling system circulates a liquid coolant through a circuit that carries it through the engine to collect heat from its metal surfaces, then through the radiator to disperse that heat. This is done as the coolant follows a winding path through the cooling cores, assisted by a flow of cool air that passes through the radiator to carry the heat away. When the coolant reaches the end of the cooling cores, emerging from the radiator, it has been cooled and is ready to return to the engine to collect heat again. The flow of cool air used for this cooling process is generated by the motion of the vehicle as it travels at normal driving speeds, swept into the engine compartment through the grille. When the vehicle is traveling very slowly or idling, the assistance of the Jeep fan blade is needed to draw air through the radiator to disperse the heat of the engine. In many vehicles the Jeep fan blade is powered by an electric motor, turned on by a thermostatic switch when the temperature rises in the engine compartment. In some vehicles, the Jeep fan blade is powered by a belt and pulley system, drawing its power directly from the engine. Our online catalog carries a selection of Jeep fan blade replacements at very affordable prices. Ordering is easy on our user-friendly and secure site or you can place your Jeep fan blade order with the help of our expert customer service representatives when you dial our toll-free phone line.

Jeep Fan Blade Models