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Jeep Intake Manifold

Jeep intake manifolds do a basic yet very vital function. It is the device responsible for taking the air as it gets in the engine and transmit it via intake passages into the runner ports situated in the cylinder heads. This air that enters the cylinder is then combined with fuel, and from the engine's combustion process, power is created. The design of your Jeep intake manifold greatly affects the performance of the engine all through its operating range. If you wish for a smooth and respectable engine operation, the fuel charge that's delivered in every cylinder should be of equal strength and quality.

The intake manifold is a component in the intake system of late-model vehicles that's positioned between the cylinder head and the throttle body. It serves as the passage of the air that's going to the combustion chamber. On classic vehicles, there's a carburetor installed on top of the intake manifold that delivers both air and fuel to the cylinder head.

The even distribution of fuel greatly depends upon the design of the vehicle's intake manifold. Automotive intake manifolds, including Jeep intake manifolds are of two main types: the single-plane and the dual-plane intake manifold. Single plane intake manifolds possess a plenum, which pulls air from all four barrel and disseminate the air and fuel mixture to all the cylinders.

As its name implies, the dual-plane intake manifold splits down the middle and separates the carb down to feed four cylinders from two barrels and the other four cylinders from the other two barrels. Dual-plane intake manifolds function well for the engines that are tuned to produce lots of torque at low RPM.

No matter how tough, your Jeep intake manifold will wear out or will be damaged in the long run. Among the causes of Jeep intake manifold failures are dissimilar materials and exhaust gasses that usually cause corrosion of intake manifold's thin walls. The moment your Jeep intake manifold begins to malfunction, better look for a replacement right away. Replacement Jeep intake manifolds are available in many auto-part stores in the industry especially online. Auto-part acquisition in the net is just a matter of browsing numerous online stores, picking your desired Jeep intake manifold design, placing your order and waiting for your purchased parts to be delivered at soonest possible time.