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Jeep Knock Sensor

The Jeep knock sensor is a very small component that serves a large and important role in the overall efficiency of your vehicle's engine. By assisting in the monitoring of the combustion process, the Jeep knock sensor helps the vehicle computer keep your engine at its most efficient. The Jeep knock sensor is mounted in one of three places on the engine according to the model of your vehicle, on the intake manifold, the cylinder head or the engine block, monitoring the vibration of the engine in order to detect signs of detonation in the engine combustion chambers. Detonation, or engine knock, is the explosion of fuel in the chambers, rather than the clean burn of fuel that yields the most efficient engine performance and power. If detonation is detected, the Jeep knock sensor will send a voltage signal to the vehicle computer, which will adjust the timing to stop the engine knock, sparing the engine the damage that can occur if detonation is allowed to continue. With this process of monitoring and adjustment, aided by the function of the Jeep knock sensor, the engine can run very close to the detonation point, which creates the most efficient engine operation, but fall just short of reaching it, avoiding expensive damage. This delicate balance is impossible to maintain for long without the help of the tiny Jeep knock sensor, making it vital to the safe and efficient operation of your vehicle. We carry a selection of quality replacements for the Jeep knock sensor in our online catalog at very affordable prices. Our site is secure and user-friendly to make ordering your Jeep knock sensor safe and easy, or our toll-free phone line is available for your convenience.