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Jeep Liberty Grille Assembly

Jeep Liberty Grille Assembly Troubleshooting To-Dos

Ever wondered how your Liberty's cooling system gets enough air inflow? You just have to look at the front end of your car. The answer is right there: your Jeep Liberty grille assembly. Thanks to the grille's design, your Liberty gets the air it needs-plus some aesthetic enhancements. However, its location also makes your assembly prone to damage. Listed below are the common problems with the grille assembly:

Broken grille assembly

With its front location, your grille welcomes majority of the road hazards you meet while driving. Be it an unfortunate front-end collision or a nasty instance of damage caused by road debris, your Jeep Liberty grille assembly stands a greater chance of receiving most of the blows, and these, in turn, are likely to result in a broken assembly. Before frantically heading to an auto repair shop, gauge the extent of damage first. Normally, the broken portions can be glued back together using a bonding agent. But if the breaks already appear extensive, opt for a replacement instead. Replacements for a Jeep Liberty grille assembly usually cost from $53 to $130.

Cracked grille

Due to constant exposure to alternating seasons of cold and heat, your grille assembly can also have cracks over time. Road accidents, too, can cause a similar problem-only in a shorter time frame. Luckily, crack repair can be accomplished overnight, and it is actually a DIYer-friendly task. You only need to use an automotive filler to repair the cracks. In some cases, grinding tools may also be necessary so that the filling can have a bigger and deeper base for adhesion. Once dried and hardened, excess layers of car filler can be sanded off for a more polished look in the repaired areas.

Rusted grille

Your Jeep Liberty grille assembly is also exposed to the hazards of an annual winter season. Add to this the road salt that the snow-covered streets call for. With these combined, your grille will surely rust after some years of use. Good thing there's a quick fix to rusting, and that is none other than painting. Just sand off the affected areas of your grille assembly and lightly apply layers of appropriate automotive paint. To get the right kind and color, consult your owner's manual or your service dealer. Just allow the paint to dry and voila! You now have your assembly as good as new.

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  • How to Guard Your Jeep Liberty Grille Assembly: Simple Maintenance Tips 27 February 2013

    Ever been puzzled by the metal or plastic bar-like strips on your Jeep's front end? These make up your Jeep Liberty grille assembly. Without these, you would have to say goodbye to the efficient airflow in your car's cooling system. That's why there's a list of simple maintenance tips below, compiled just for you.

    Reinforce the assembly with a grille guard.

    You can already give your grille assembly extra protection with a standard grille guard. This can help you save at least $130, which is the cost of a replacement assembly alone. You might even need to allot a few more dollars for the installation and other replacement whatnot. Luckily, a grille guard will cost you no more than the purchase, as its installation can be finished in just a breeze. And the best part about a grille guard is that you can even choose the design that you like at any auto parts store. That's protection plus extra enhancement for the price of one!

    Install an extra layer of mesh.

    Putting an extra layer of mesh on your grille assembly means extra protection-not just for your Liberty's grille but for your engine compartments as well. This is also a fairly easy DIY-er task that needs only a couple of tools and materials: tape measure, wire cutter, wire mesh, and zip ties. Just cut out the wire mesh such that the back portion of your Jeep Liberty grille assembly is covered. Install the cut piece just between the grille and radiator assembly and seal the top with a zip tie. Voila! Less effort for your grille assembly, more protection for your engine!

    Regularly inspect the assembly.

    Exposed to a wide variety of road elements, your assembly may expectedly deteriorate over time. All the heat, snow, mud, dust, twigs, salt, and other road debris can result in the formation of cracks, breaks, or rust. When these sorts of trouble are left untreated over time, they worsen to irreparable damage. That's why it is also important to regularly inspect your assembly. Sand the rust, fill the cracks, glue the breaks, and repaint the surface as needed.