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Jeep Liberty Tail Lights

The Troubles with Jeep Liberty Tail Lights

Troubleshooting the Jeep Liberty tail lights is an easy task. In fact, you can do it alone or with a buddy if you need assistance. It's important that these are functioning because just like head lights, the tail lights should be switched on when night turns in. This would let other drivers notice you even more in the dark. If you sense that your tail lights are about to give up on you or are becoming defective, save them before they get worse.

Non-functioning tail light bulb

If only one tail light doesn't function, then it's probably because of a faulty light bulb. This is a pretty easy fix because all you have to do is replace the broken bulb with a new one. Just be careful when doing the process because this part is very fragile. You wouldn't want to create any further damage that could cost a lot.

Connection problem

If you thought that the problem of your tail lights were the bulbs and you replaced them, but they still refuse to work, then it's probably because of a wiring problem. Open the tail light assembly and check if there are wires that were disconnected or have been broken. If that's the case, you can take it to a mechanic to help you rewire them or you can just do it at home and replace the wires yourself.

Broken fuse

Another reason why the tail light won't function is because of a broken fuse. Lift the hood of your Jeep Liberty and locate the fuse box. If you find the fuse for the tail lights and you discover that it's damaged, then you really have to get this replaced right away in order for your lights to start working again.

Earthing problem

Dilemmas that concern the connection or refusal of the light to function can be because of an earthing problem. This is how most people diagnose an issue with the lights of the vehicle. Check the earth for the light cluster on your car. You can even get a temporary earth wire to substitute the old and rotten one. This will enable you to temporarily solve the problem.

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  • Handling the Jeep Liberty Tail Lights with Care

    The Jeep Liberty tail lights must be handled with extra care. They serve as a reminder to the other drivers that you're on the road and that they should keep proper distance especially in the dark. However, it's quite inevitable that this part should fail especially if you don't properly take care of it. Here are some maintenance tips and tricks that you can use to make your tail lights last for a longer time.

    Do a regular checkup.

    It's important that you schedule a regular checkup to inspect if the connections on your tail lights are still working. This way, you can also detect any defects that you can solve or broken parts that you can immediately replace. Getting rid of a damaged light bulb is cheaper than replacing the whole assembly.

    Clean the lens.

    A dirty tail light lens can affect the performance of the tail lights. If it's all clogged up and dirty, it can decrease the light coming from it. It is also inevitable for the lens to get dirty especially with the road condition and the weather. Rain water can build up inside and cause the lens to crack. You can easily clean the lens by using rags and paper towels to wipe off the grime than can obstruct with the lighting of your tail lights.

    Restore sun-faded tail lights.

    If you notice that your tail light lenses have already faded, it could probably because it was too exposed to sunlight. This can also affect the brightness of your lights. You can bring back their original look by using sandpaper to refurbish your tail lights. You can also restore its shine by wiping polish all over it. This will make you look like you just purchased a new set of tail lights.

    Replace bulbs that aren't working anymore.

    If your tail light bulb begins to flicker, don't wait until it completely stops working before you get it replaced. Purchase a new bulb right away to avoid attracting any traffic enforcers who might hail you for having tail lights that aren't working.