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Jeep Liberty Wheel

Jeep Liberty wheels are one of the integral parts of a car. These support the tire and must be able to withstand loads from acceleration, cornering, and braking. These are used in conjunction with an axle, either the wheel turns on the axle or the wheel is rigidly attached to the axle which then turns in bearings in the body of the vehicle.
Jeep Liberty wheels do not only serve a definite purpose but they also enhance the performance and appearance of your automobile. These wheels can be made of steel, aluminum, or various alloys. The aluminum wheels or the once called mags and alloy wheels also serve an aesthetic purpose and dress up the vehicles appearance. Steel wheels on the other hand often have a wheel cover affixed to the outer edge for appearance. Aftermarket chrome and custom wheels are also widely used by many car owners these days not only to improve the performance and appearance of their car but also to be able save since these are cheaper.
Wheel balance and wheel alignment are important in every car. There should be a proper distribution of weight around a revolving tire and wheel assembly and this refers to wheel balance. Poor wheel balance can have an impact on both the car and the safety of its passengers. Meanwhile, wheel alignment has something to do with the series of interrelated measurements and adjustments that bring a car's steering, suspension and on-road driving characteristics into manufacturers' specifications. This is vital to reduce tire wear, and improve fuel economy and handling. When these two combined, balanced and aligned wheels ensure smooth and enjoyable driving.
The Jeep Liberty wheels just like any other car parts are also prone to damage, defect and worn out especially if they are not well taken care of. The main culprit that attacks wheel is brake dust. So it is a must that wheels should be cleaned frequently using a suitable wheel cleaner. Unfortunately there are typical car wash soaps and household cleaners that are not strong enough to break the bond between brake dust, road tar, road grime and the wheel. It is better to use cleaners which are either acid-based or acid-free but keep in mind not to allow them to sit on wheels for extended periods.

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