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Jeep Liberty Wheel Cover

The wheels are the parts of the car that have in direct contact with the ground so they are easily damaged and worn out. And a part of these wheels is the wheel cover. A wheel cover which is commonly called hubcap is attached to the wheel by using a series of retention clips at the outer edge. Wheels are of different types so wheel covers vary also. Steel wheels usually have a full wheel cover hubcap while aluminum wheels generally use a smaller center cap that covers the hub and lug nuts.
Wheel covers before were very small, sometimes merely covering the grease bearing of the wheel. Later on, in order to change the wheel they are pried off with a tool resembling a very large slotted-tip screwdriver. This is how they differ with spinners although spinners serve the same purpose for racing cars and those cars with wire wheels, which were designed to be quickly unthreaded by hand. Most wheel covers were once made of chrome-plated steel. And there are also upscale wheel covers which use a separate anti-theft retaining screw with a separate cap or cover.
Just like other wheel covers, Jeep Liberty wheel cover is designed to enhance the performance and appearance of your car. It is the decorative disk on your automobile wheel that covers all of the lug nuts that attach the wheel to its axle. This usually dress up the appearance of cars with standard steel wheels, while cats with alloy wheels and trucks often do not use them.
Maintenance of Jeep Liberty wheel cover is important. It should be cleaned by using a suitable cleaner. Make sure not to damage or dislodge one of the retention lips when changing a tire because missing or bent retention clips can cause the wheel covers to fall off. Use extreme care when reinstalling the wheel cover especially if the wheel covers have plastic clips. Never force the cover on and make sure that it is fully seated. Pressure should be applied evenly and gradually and cover should be evenly seated around the edge of the wheel.