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Jeep Liberty Wiper Blade

Common Indications of a Jeep Liberty Wiper Blade Going Bad

The windshield wiper is an important security feature in your SUV because it wipes dirt, rain, and snow from your windshield, giving you good road visibility all the time. The wiper blade is the part of the windshield wiper that makes direct contact with the glass. It holds the rubber wiper that cleans off the elements from your windshield. Over time, its performance is affected by wear and tear. Following are some signs that point to a wiper blade taking its toll:

Poor wipe quality

The wiper blade includes a rubber wiper which directly cleans your windshield. The rubber wiper is supposed to provide a clean, streak-free windshield. However, instances may come when streaks of water and dirt are left on the glass, affecting your visibility. This is a common indication that the rubber material is contaminated or worn out. With this, you need to check the wiper blade and have the rubber wiper replaced if it is already worn beyond repair.

Windshield scratches

The wiper blade is the only part in your SUV that makes direct contact with your windshield. If you notice that scratches form on your windshield, these may be caused by the wiper blade. The rubber wiper on the blade may be refilled, and a wrong refill may damage and scratch the glass. It can also be a result of a wrong installation done on the wiper blade or the rubber wiper. That being said, always make sure your rubber refill is compatible with the wiper blade. Also, be extra careful in installing the refill and the wiper blade.

Screeching sound

A screeching sound while the windshield wiper is running means that there is too much friction between the wiper and your windshield. This results in vibration and skipping of the Jeep Liberty wiper blade. This issue may be a result of a worn rubber wiper or a badly mounted blade. If you experience this problem, you may check the position of the wiper blade and replace the rubber wiper if necessary.

Wind lift

The Jeep Liberty wiper blade is located right in front of your windshield. This exposes the blade to strong winds especially when you are driving at high speed. If the wiper blade easily lifts under strong wind, it can be caused by poor installation of the wiper blade.

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  • Good Practices in Making Your Jeep Liberty Wiper Blade Last Longer

    Rain, snow, and dust on your windshield are considered safety risks on the road because they keep you from seeing the road clearly. Good thing is that your wiper is there to clean these elements off your windshield. The actual part you should be thankful for is your Jeep Liberty wiper blade, the wiper component that makes direct contact with your windshield. You should always make sure this part is free of problems and damage. Following are some tips and tricks for you:

    Replace your wiper blade every six months.

    The duration of six months brings drastic changes in the climate. Since your wiper blade is located outside your vehicle, it is directly affected by changes in the weather. That being said, it is recommended to replace your wiper blade to make sure your windshield is provided with a wiper system that works at optimum performance.

    Clean your wiper blade as often as possible.

    Your wiper blade is exposed to different road debris and contaminants each time you drive your vehicle. With this, you need to clean the whole of your wiper blade as often as you can. The best habit you should get used to is cleaning it every time you fill up your gas tank. Simply clean your windshield with a squeegee and have the wiper blade wiped with a clean towel.

    Do not use your wiper to remove ice from the windshield.

    Your wiper system can only remove light materials such as snow, dirt, and water from your windshield. Ice that develops on your windshield are too heavy and hard for the wiper to remove. As an effect, the motor and the wiper would experience too much stress that can damage them. With this, take more time and wait for the defroster to melt the ice on your windshield or use your ice scraper to remove the ice.

    Never apply wax on your windshield.

    While it is totally recommended to clean your windshield regularly, it is not advisable to apply wax over it. Any kind of wax makes the windshield slippery. This prevents your Jeep Liberty wiper blade from cleaning the glass thoroughly. It simply lets your wiper blade slide on the glass without removing all the dirt and water.