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Jeep Oxygen Sensor

Because of the jobs that Jeep vehicles have to perform, remarkable performance and longevity is really that important. And one of the factors that affect the utility of your Jeep vehicle is its oxygen sensor.

Jeep oxygen sensor is the device that significantly measures the amount of oxygen in the exhaust, converts its status into a corresponding voltage signal and sends this voltage signal into a computer in the vehicle. The computer will then issue a command to the fuel injector to adjust and maintain the proper air/fuel ratio. Jeep oxygen sensor needs to check this red-hot exhaust hundreds of times per minute to make sure that it gets a correct data which will be forwarded to a computer in the vehicle.

Oxygen sensors come in few types including front or upstream oxygen sensor and rear or downstream oxygen sensor. Positioned in the exhaust manifold or in the downpipe before the catalytic converter, the front or upstream oxygen sensor checks the quantity of oxygen in the exhaust gases and gives "feedback" signal to the computer in the engine. The rear or downstream oxygen sensor is the one that's placed after the catalytic converter and it is responsible for monitoring the efficiency of the automobile's catalytic converter.

Having such a critical job, your Jeep oxygen sensor needs to be taken-cared of and maintained properly. As they become older, Jeep oxygen sensors can turn out to be inaccurate, leading to waste of fuel and some engine performance problems. So if you notice that your Jeep oxygen sensor is poorly operating, better replace it immediately to avoid further damage as well as fuel inefficiency.

And to avoid constant replacement of your Jeep oxygen sensor, make sure to check it when you conduct a routine vehicle tune-up. Remember that checking your Jeep oxygen sensor is as important as changing your vehicle's oil, checking the spark plugs and replacing the air filter.

  • Closer Look at Jeep Oxygen Sensor

    The Jeep oxygen sensor is important to the smooth performance of your engine, helping to keep the engine combustion process efficient. The engine needs a precise balance of fuel and air to produce a clean burn of fuel, which yields the most efficient engine performance and power output. The Jeep oxygen sensor helps to regulate the fuel and air mixture to maintain this delicate balance, working with the vehicle computer to keep the engine performing at its best. Located in the exhaust pipe in most vehicle models, the Jeep oxygen sensor detects the amount of oxygen left in the vehicle exhaust fumes after combustion to determine whether the fuel has burned as cleanly as it should. The Jeep oxygen sensor passes its reading on to the vehicle computer, using a voltage signal that is produced by a chemical reaction in the sensor. This information is used by the vehicle computer to determine the adjustment of the fuel and air ratio given to the engine. This constant process of monitoring and adjustment is necessary to compensate for changes in the oxygen level in the air due to a number of factors that include air temperature and elevation among many others. If the Jeep oxygen sensor fails, no longer able to transmit its signal, the computer will generally default to a rich mixture of fuel and air, which can cause poor vehicle performance and excess fuel consumption. We carry a selection of quality replacements for the Jeep oxygen sensor in our online catalog. Our great prices and expert customer service will make ordering your Jeep oxygen sensor quick and convenient whether you use our secure site or our toll-free phone line.