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Jeep Performance Pulleys

The Jeep performance pulley is designed to add efficiency to the accessories in your vehicle that draw their power directly from the engine. By reducing the amount of power drawn by these items, the Jeep performance pulley leaves more engine power available to be sent to the wheels for better vehicle performance. Most versions of the Jeep performance pulley are made with lighter materials than the standard pulley, and are of a larger diameter. The larger size of the Jeep performance pulley allows it to drive the accessories more slowly to decrease their power consumption. The lighter weight of the Jeep performance pulley makes it easier for the engine to cause its rotation, providing the same level of performance while using less power in the process. The combination of these two power conserving techniques allows a significant increase in the amount of power directed to the wheels, giving a substantial boost of power and performance to the vehicle, while allowing the accessories to perform their functions effectively. The power transmitted to the wheels can be enhanced by as much as fifteen horsepower with the use of a Jeep performance pulley kit, which includes a complete set of high performance pulleys and the custom belts to drive them. If you prefer, each Jeep performance pulley can be purchased separately, allowing you to choose which accessories you wish to use them with, perhaps allowing the alternator quicker operation while conserving power in other accessories. We carry a great selection of Jeep performance pulley kits and accessories in our online catalog. Our great prices and expert customer service will make ordering your Jeep performance pulley quick and convenient, whether you place your order on our secure site or dial our toll-free phone line.