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Jeep Power Steering Pump

The Jeep power steering pump is a major component of the power steering system in your vehicle, providing the pressure and flow in the hydraulic fluid system that makes turning your steering wheel easier. Using a belt and pulley system to draw power directly from the engine, the Jeep power steering pump circulates hydraulic power steering fluid through the system to cause the function of its various components. The Jeep power steering pump is a rotary-vane style pump, containing a set of retractable vanes that are housed inside a chamber where they spin to pull hydraulic power steering fluid from the return line of the Jeep power steering pump at low pressure, and then force it through the outlet at high pressure. Designed to apply pressure to the steering rack piston to multiply the force placed on the steering wheel by the driver, the Jeep power steering pump makes turning the front wheels of the vehicle much easier, especially during slow speed maneuvers like parking. The design that allows sufficient pressure in the system to make low speed maneuvers easy will allow too much pressure to build in the system when the vehicle is traveling at normal driving speeds, making it a necessary to equip the Jeep power steering pump with a safety valve to release the excess pressure, preventing damage to the system. Over time, the wear of everyday use can begin to show in the Jeep power steering pump, making it perform less efficiently. We carry a selection of Jeep power steering pump replacements in our user-friendly online catalog. Our excellent prices and exceptional customer service will make ordering your Jeep power steering pump quick and efficient whether you use our secure site or our convenient toll-free phone line.