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Jeep Strut Bar

One of the most popular performance modifications serious and casual drivers make is the addition of a Jeep strut bar. The function of the Jeep strut bar is to reduce the flex your strut towers experience during hard cornering. When your vehicle takes a turn, the strut towers on either tire bend to handle the motion, which results in a loss of traction. The Jeep strut bar connects two opposing strut towers together, forming a single solid unit. Since the Jeep strut bar keeps the towers from flexing, it is designed to distribute the pressure of a turn to both towers instead of just one. There are both front and rear Jeep strut bars available. While a front Jeep strut bar improves your vehicle's handling during turns, a rear Jeep strut bar has the added benefit of improving chassis stiffness and stability during braking. If you have installed larger than stock wheels on your vehicle, Jeep strut bars are a necessity to get the most out of your performance. The installation of a Jeep strut bar is a simple process requiring no special tools, and the entire installation can be completed in minutes. If you want faster and more responsive steering, browse our online catalogue for the Jeep strut bar that is manufactured for your vehicle's make and model. We will ship your Jeep strut bar straight to your door, so you don't have to spend the better part of a day at the auto parts store. Take advantage of your choice of convenient options when you place your order for a new Jeep strut bar through our secure online server, or by calling our toll-free customer service number.