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Jeep Timing Belt

How important is your Jeep timing belt? There is a saying that timing is everything, and this applies to the engine of your vehicle. Your Jeep timing belt is essential to the function of your motor. The Jeep timing belt controls several valves and ensures that they open and close at the proper time. If your Jeep timing belt is not properly installed and adjusted, not only will your engine run poorly, but you will also experience valve clatter and loss of power. A broken Jeep timing belt can even crash your valves into your pistons or cause your engine to stop running. Some motorists believe that a timing chain is more effective and will last longer than a Jeep timing belt. However, though timing chains can be more rigid over time, the loose link system actually results in more lash and stretch than you get from your Jeep timing belt. Furthermore, a Jeep timing belt runs quieter, is more efficient, and costs less than a timing chain. Loss of power may indicate the need to replace your Jeep timing belt. Even if your Jeep timing belt is not causing you any problems, it is still important to check the manufacturer's guidelines for the recommended replacement intervals. Replacing your Jeep timing belt according to the required intervals is an important step in the maintenance of your vehicle, and can help to prevent the more expensive damage that often results from a stretched or broken timing belt. You will find the Jeep timing belt you need when you browse our extensive and easy to navigate online catalogue. Don't spend the day making a trip to the auto parts store for a new Jeep timing belt when you can take advantage of our convenient ordering options, either through our online server or by calling our toll-free number, and have your Jeep timing belt delivered right to your door.