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Jeep Valve Cover

High torque-generating engine primarily is what a Jeep can boast to customers. The level of its strength basically tends to become the basis of its sophistication, and the quality of its performance defines the capacity of its DaimlerChrysler in innovating auto machines. To be able to reach the desired power, the Jeep engine needs equally high-performing auto performance systems to work with, featuring reliable parts even down the simplest and smallest ones. They include Jeep valve springs, lifters and Jeep valve covers.

Jeep valve cover is basically a long metal, composite or plastic lid that you see on top of the cylinder head, particularly covering the valves. It's an adjustable cover that can be detached from the cylinder head if valve adjustment is necessary. More than merely covering the valves, it's also responsible of keeping the oil within the valve train in order to lubricate the rocker arms. The pushrods of the valve train is pumping the oil inside, subsequently dispersing the lubricant underneath the valve covers. If the Jeep valve covers don't have the capacity to stand the pressure inside the valve train, the lubricant is most likely to leak.

There are several valves in the engine head that valve covers take responsibility. If substandard Jeep valve covers are being utilized with the machine, the usual headache is the need of frequent replacement of the product. This could actually cost owners much because of a number of valves in the engine head. Aside from that, the valve train could get drained of oil, risking the rocker arm for stiff performance and worse engine failure. And so, en sure regular check up or bring the Jeep to expert machinists if necessary.

Valve covers easily break or blow if too much pressure because of the fact that they are often made of thin sheet metals. But then at present Jeep valve covers come in more durable plastic, composite and thermoplastic materials, just like all other valve covers for other vehicles. And for a stylish result, they can be dressed with chrome, billet aluminum, and or carbon fiber accents.

  • Closer Look at Jeep Valve Cover

    You will find your Jeep valve cover bolted on to your engine's cylinder head. Located at the top of your engine block, the cylinder head is the component that contains your combustion chambers where the fuel/air mixture is ignited to power your vehicle. The Jeep valve cover is part of a system called the valve train, which consists of valve springs, rocker arms, push rods, lifters, and cams. The valve train is responsible for allowing the fuel/air mixture into the combustion cylinders, and the resultant exhaust out. These parts are protected by the Jeep valve cover, which forms a tight seal using a valve cover gasket to protect your valve train from leaks. Surprisingly enough, the Jeep valve cover is a customizable part that is available in many different materials, including chrome, billet, carbon fiber, and aluminum. Jeep valve covers are adjustable and made to be easily removed and refastened in order to suit the valve train. One of the most common sources of oil leaks in engines is along the Jeep valve cover. This may be due to the gasket, or it may result from damage to the Jeep valve cover itself. If your Jeep valve cover is bent or dented, or it has been screwed on too tightly, oil can leak through. When you notice oil leaks around your Jeep valve cover, pick up a replacement from our extensive online catalogue. You will find a variety of Jeep valve covers that are made to suit your vehicle's make and model. Choose one of our convenient ordering options to have your new Jeep valve cover shipped right to your door: either via our secure online server, or by calling our toll-free customer service number.