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Jeep Wheel HUB

Since World War I, the army has been feeling the need for a vehicle that has the capability of being taken anywhere without trouble - a vehicle that would be rugged and hardy, one that would stand the demands of tough military conditions. An invitation to submit bids was done, and soon the pilot model made its appearance.

The jeep has had many models since then, and many makeovers. The need for a vehicle with a body of rectangular design, increased engine power, means for towing, hydraulic brakes, full floating axles, wheelbase of 80", maximum height of 40" and maximum weight of 1275 lbs was already realized. It was up to the times to furnish it with newer, more modern parts and designs that would make it go with the flow.

Jeep parts are the ones which link the jeep of yesterday to today's modern times. The make may be the same, but new features make it the restructured and reorganized model that is seen today. One of these parts are the wheels, and jeep wheels contribute to the power and versatility of the said vehicle.

Wheels for jeeps are available off-the-rack, but choosing them for the right jeep make is not as easy as it sounds. Wheel essentials should be taken into consideration, and these essentials are so critical so that the overall quality of the jeep depends on them.

Wheel diameter is one of the essentials. The total wheel diameter when measured from bead seat to bead seat is a critical consideration when changing or altering brake components. Wheel width or rim width is another essential. It is the distance between the outside edges of the bead seat, and it is what the wheel size would depend on.

Backspacing is the distance from the inside rim surface to the backside of the wheel mounting surface. It is the one which determines how far a wheel sticks into or out of the wheel well of the vehicle. Offset, the distance from the exact wheel centerline to the inside wheel mounting surface, effects the steering response and steering stability. Then there is of course what is called the bolt pattern.

The wheel quality should also be given tantamount consideration, for it is through this that everything else depends on. It spells whether the jeep will make or break, live or die.

The jeep wheel comes in different styles and structures for the Jeep Cherokee, Jeep CJ7, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Jeep Scrambler, Jeep Wrangler, Jeep CJ5, Jeep Comanche, Jeep Grand Wagoner and Jeep Wagoner. In view of all those that should be taken in mind when selecting a wheel, the make should be the ultimate consideration. Wheels that fit are the ones that really work.