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Jeep Window Motor

Power windows are a great accessory for your Jeep truck or SUV, but it can prove beyond irritating when your power windows fail. In many cases, the Jeep window motor is to blame for a power window failure. The Jeep window motor is part of your power window system that includes wiring, fuses, external switches, and a window regulator. There are many parts that work together to operate your power windows along with the Jeep window motor, and when your windows fail you'll want to figure out what went wrong as soon as possible. If your power windows are frozen shut, stuck open, or partially lowered due to a failed Jeep window motor, it becomes extremely inconvenient to use drive-through windows. Furthermore, a power window that won't close will allow rain, mud, or snow into your vehicle cabin, and poses a safety hazard by making it easier for your vehicle to be stolen. Most often, you can tell whether the problem lies with your Jeep window motor by pressing the window switch. If you hear any sound that makes it seem like the window is trying to move, but nothing happens, you probably need a new window regulator. However, if there is silence when you press the switch, it is likely that your Jeep window motor is burned out. You might also want to check your fuses before purchasing a new Jeep window motor to ensure that the problem is not a simple blown fuse. You can find fuse tester kits alongside replacement Jeep window motors, window motor kits, and all the parts you need to repair your faulty power windows in our extensive online catalogue.

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