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Jeep Wrangler Door Handle

Troubleshooting Jeep Wrangler Door Handles

You can't go on an adventure or even on a quick trip around the block if your Jeep Wrangler door handles are broken. Sure, you might be able to get in through the window, but doing so each time you need to use your vehicle will get old very fast. You'll need to make your life easier by repairing the handles or replacing its components. Before you do so, you'll need to find out exactly what's wrong with them. Here's how you can troubleshoot your Jeep Wrangler door handles:

Water inside the door handle's lock

Thanks to the changes in the weather, water can get into the locks of your doors. If your door handle becomes frozen during winter, you won't be able to push and turn your key in its hole because water inside the lock might freeze into ice. To solve this, you'll need to squirt some water-displacing fluid into the lock. Let it work its magic before you try inserting your key again.

The water-displacing fluid will also be an effective cure against rusted locks. However, it might be slightly more difficult to push your key in at first or to turn it inside the hole. But, just keep jiggling it, and you'll be able to open the car door.

Loose door handle

Unlike the door handles of most cars, your Jeep Wrangler has a paddle-type handle at its exterior. When this becomes loose, you'll need to tighten it up by removing the door panel. Locate the screws that hold the door handle in place and use a screwdriver to re-attach them more firmly.

Broken door handle

Sometimes, a door won't open because something broke in its handle. For instance, pulling the handle with a little too much force during the cold weather can cause the lock to turn halfway and remain stuck in that position. However, if you're able to roll the window down, you can try using a wire hanger to maneuver the door handle's release rod so that you can open the door and unlock it. On the other hand, if you can't roll the window down, you can use a door unlock kit that uses an inflatable device to release the handle.

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