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Unlike vehicles produced centuries ago, today's modern vehicles are equipped with highly advanced control systems that are controlled by the vehicle's computer. Being computer dependent data or inputs about the various workings in the vehicle are required to enable proper vehicle performance--It's the vehicle speed sensors that gather all these information. Speed sensors that are used today are the permanent magnet type. They perform the same function like the cam shaft or crankshaft sensor. Speed sensors are usually installed in either the transmission case or the rear differential assembly. Usually when the speed sensor fails the check engine light comes on.

There are lots of components that utilize the data gathered by the speed sensor such as ABS or anti-locking braking system. It utilizes the information from the speed sensor in order to decide when a wheel has locked up and to send a command to the ABS to cut down the pressure to enable the driver to gain control of the vehicle. Unfortunately, no component in the vehicle is long lasting and that goes true to the ABS speed sensor. After a period of usage it will start to malfunction and eventually fail. Having a defective is ABS speed sensor can compromise your safety so have it changed immediately. Go for JLB ABS speed sensor. It highly reliable and durable you will never be disappointed with this product.

Besides the door, the windows of a vehicle suffer the most beating. The constant closing and opening can end up damaging the window regulator. This is the component found on any vehicle windows. It is located underneath the door panel and enables the up and down motion of the window. A broken window regulator can lead you with two scenarios. You won't be able to close the windows or you won't be able to open it. Either way it will lead to your discomfort so have the broken window regulator changed and be free of the headache already. Choose a JLB window regulator if you want a durable type.