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For almost 35 years, K&N Engineering has been a leading inventor and innovator in the line of reusable cotton gauze filter technology for automobiles. From what started out as a family business, K&N is now a duly-recognized global company, having offices in the UK and the Netherlands, because of its enduring dedication for automotive improvement and development. Today, K&N is a known sales and brand leader for air filters. The company has an extensive line of both factory and replacement drop-in filters, Fuel Injection Performance Kits and its own line of Performance Gold oil filters.

K&N Air Filters have been the pioneers in long-life performance filters. These have been developed with high performance filtration technology that helps increase your car's power. K&N Air Filter uses a special filter media that is made from cotton gauze and oiled with K&N's special filter oil. This combination of the gauze media and the filter oil helps your engine to work better. Unlike disposable filters, K&N Air Filters need not to be thrown out but they only need to washed for them be reusable again. Because of this, K&N Air Filters not only give your performance benefits but also in money savings, fuel savings and most importantly, these help in the reduction of environmental waste.

Aside from its line of air filters, K&N also has an exclusive line of cold air intakes and its won line of FIPKs. Check out the K&N Cold Air Intake and K&N FIPK.

For better results and performance, trust only the best. Trust K&N, the world's best air filter.

K&N Brand Articles

  • Tips on Buying K&N Air Filters & Intake

    Many car owners take their air filters for granted. However, they're imperative if you expect to get top performance from your engine. K&N Air Filter has a full product line of top quality air filters for autos, all-terrain vehicles, off-road dirt bikes, and street motorcycles. K&N Air Filter uses top-of-the-line air filtering technology, and the result is 4 to 6 sheets of high-flow cotton gauze that will be the last filter your vehicle will ever need. K&N Air Filters are washable, durable, and reusable. They last up to 50,000 miles before they need cleaning, and once they're cleaned they can be put right back into your engine. They will not void a vehicle warranty either. Speaking of warranties, K&N Air Filters come with a 10-year, million-mile warranty of their own.
    One of the more standard methods of increasing horsepower in an engine is cold air intake. K&N Cold Air Intake kits are built to help you get more out of your car or truck's engine. A typical kit generally gains about 8 to 16 horsepower, but some K&N Cold Air Intake Kits can get even more, and in the case of a 2003 Mustang SVT, 30 horsepower was gained. No matter what kind of car you drive, there is a K&N Cold Air Intake kit for you. K&N Cold Air Intake Kits guarantee to increase horsepower in your engine; a bold move in the auto parts industry, but one that K&N can back up. They also come with a million-mile warranty.
    Whether your car is on a race track or off, KN filters are the best money can buy. KN Filters give top air flow for engine efficiency without voiding your car's warranty. Not only do they have a million-mile warranty, but they last up to 50,000 miles before they need cleaning. With a guarantee like that, the KN filter you install may outlast your car/ All 50 states consider KN Filters emissions legal.
    If you're looking for more power in your engine, the Generation II FIPKĀ® is K&N's ultimate performance product. With gains of as much as 10%, FIPKs are street legal in all 50 states. They come with a 10-year, million-mile limited warranty, and are designed to replace your factory air filter and air intake housing. K&N intakes straighten and smooth out the airflow of your car and reduce the intake restriction. As a result, your car will be able to take in more air than the factory assembly. More air means more power and more acceleration. All of the filters on the FIPK are washable and durable, and are easy to install using standard, common tools.

  • K&N: Precision & Technology

    Enjoy top filtering and optimum flow capacity in your automobile systems with K&N products/ From filters to intakes, K&N has what you need.
    Human beings need air, water, and food to get moving. In this sense, people can be compared to automobiles, or their engine. The engine also needs air, water, and food-air, fuel, and oil-to operate at all times. These elements need to be maintained in their cleanest state for an efficient engine operation. This is why you need all sorts of filters in your vehicle. And when it comes to automotive filters for different applications, K&N offers some of the best filter choices-from oil filters to air filters/
    With K&N specializing in performance filters and intake systems, getting a boost in automobile efficiency is easier these days. Its air filters are manufactured using innovative high-flow technology, and these are crafted to draw as much air into the air intake and into the throttle body for an optimum air supply to the engine. Its intake systems-short ram intakes and cold air intakes-have also been improved for unrestricted airflow. The same is true with its air filter recharge kits and oil filters, with the latter featuring optimum flow and filtration. And for an even more powerful engine, the brand also specializes in air intake technology to produce free-flowing tubes and efficient filters.
    Most K&N products are warrantied for million miles, so you never have to invest on another one all throughout your automobile's service life. If you are looking for true value on performance filters, intake systems, and recharge kits, K&N is a wise choice. You will find a long list of its products in virtually all auto parts shops and providers. For trouble-free shopping, you can even use the web to locate a dealer and have the product conveniently delivered right at your doorstep.

  • Choosing the Right K&N Product, For the Right Job

    K&N filters are widely recognized as the leading product in high performance filtration technology

    If you're ready for a step up from the K&N filter, check out their new line of K&N cold air intakes

    Fuel injected and carbureted vehicles alike can see power increases from a K&N filter installation

    Apply the K&N filter advantage to your engine oil with a K&N oil filter

    If you've been interested in cars for any length of time, you've probably heard of the K&N air filter. A K&N air filter employs a simple philosophy that works very well: Get more air into your engine, make it cleaner, and do all that without ever needing to be replaced. Sound too good to be true? A K&N air filter uses a special filter media made from cotton gauze and oiled with K&N's special filter oil. The combination of the gauze media and the filter oil make for an extremely difficult barrier for dirt to get past. At the same time, though, the K&N air filter doesn't gradually choke like a standard paper air filter does. Instead, the dirt captured by the K&N air filter acts to filter out even more dirt! Your engine gets a steady diet of clean air in greater quantities than even a brand new paper filter can provide, and more air equals more horsepower. Finally, when the K&N air filter is dirty, you don't pitch it in the trash: You simply wash and reoil the filter media using K&N's recharge kit. The K&N air filter is guaranteed for a million miles, so it's obvious the system works. So what's the trade-off? Well, a K&N air filter costs a little more up front, but when you consider all the paper filters you won't be buying, a K&N air filter becomes an absolute steal. They're available for most cars and trucks on the road today, so order your K&N air filter and feel the benefits of increased airflow.

    It only makes sense that the world leaders in high-performance air filtration would expand their horizons to include a full K&N cold air intake. After all, you've probably already come to count on your K&N filter to provide you with additional airflow and exceptional filtration. Take your air intake one step further with a K&N cold air intake. Why a cold air intake? It's simple physics: Cold air is denserheavier, if you willso it contains more oxygen molecules per cubic inch. The more oxygen there is available to your cylinders, the more fuel they can potentially burn. Are you starting to get the picture? By drawing intake air from outside the engine bay, where it's cooler and denser, your K&N cold air intake gives your engine more oxygen to work with. The result is a noticeable boost when you stomp on the loud pedal, and with no detrimental effects on your motoryou're not forcing anything to happen. You're simply freeing up the intake, so you don't have to worry about scattering engine parts all over the road by installing a K&N cold air intake. The crown jewel in the K&N cold air intake is the K&N filter itself, which ensures gobs of clean air can get into the intake. If you want extra power without a lot of work, installing a K&N cold air intake should be the first order of business. Dollar for dollar, the K&N cold air intake is about the smartest purchase you can make.

    Even if it weren't for the advanced filtration you get from every K&N oil filter, there's one feature that makes them worth their weight in gold: A nut is welded to the top of the housing allowing easy filter removal. Simple, elegant, and, if you've ever had scalding oil drench your arm as you pounded a screwdriver through a filter housing, brilliant. But what would you expect from a K&N oil filter? After all, these guys are pretty much at the head of the class when it comes to advanced filtration products. The K&N oil filter is no exception. The performance features of a K&N oil filter begin at the housing itself, which is made from thicker metal to provide a higher burst strength. That's great peace of mind for you guys running high-volume, high-pressure oil pumps. To prevent dry starts where most engine wear takes place, the K&N oil filter also has an anti-drainback valve built in (where one can be used), and the rubber gasket on a K&N oil filter is lubricated from the inside. That means no more leaks and no more double-gasketingthe gasket on your K&N oil filter will come off smoothly every time. Pick up a K&N oil filter for your vehiclemore applications are available every dayand find out how good an oil filter can be when the top minds in filtration put their best efforts into it.