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Gustav Bach, Albert Hirth, and Gustav Klein founded Kaco in the year 1914. The initial goal of the company was to manufacture engine gaskets. However, everything changed as new products and facilities were added. They increased their seal products with the introduction of axial-action water pump seals, radial oil seals, piston and rod seals, gaskets, operating pistons seals and valve stem seals. There were also application products like the engines and gearboxes, water pumps, automtic transmission, steering systems and shock absorbers, and cooling, injection, and intake systems. The company will surely be adding more on the list in the years to come.

Three of the famous products of Kaco namely Kaco camshaft seal, Kaco mainshaft seal, and Kaco output shaft seal are enjoying recognition in the various parts of the globe. It is a chosen brand by both DIY communities and auto manufacturers. No other brand can compare to the quality of Kaco's products. In order to appreciate the brand more it is vital that we know the functions of the products that they offer.

Camshaft seal, mainshaft seal, and output shaft seal are all under the category of shaft seals. These types of seals are use on rotating, oscillating, and reciprocating shafts to hold oil and grease while keeping contaminants away. Also known as oil or radial lip seals, shaft seals contain pressure or separate fluids. So why use shaft seals?--Because they are economical, easy to install, and adaptable in many environments. Shaft seal is just one part of the three-part system together with the shaft and the housing into which the seal is installed. Mechanical assemblies particularly those containing fluids are designed to allow the passage and distribution of fluids. During such process, it is vital for these assemblies not to leak or they failed in their purpose. To aid these assemblies in their function, seals are incorporated to prevent leakage especially at the points where different assembly parts connect or mate. The space between these assemblies are called clearance gap. The purpose of the seal is to block the clearance gap in order to prevent fluids from leaking through it.