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The smallest chip on your car window makes the whole thing look extremely unappealing. If the chip is on the windshield, that tiny visual obstruction may even distract you enough to get you involved in a road accident. Because of this, you should definitely replace your windows if they're no longer in tip-top shape. And when it comes to the finest windows in the automotive industry, you can count on Kenco Windows to deliver.

Replacing your windows is a lot easier when you use a Kenco Windows Window Assembly as it has everything you need to restore your windows' look and function. Window assemblies though may contain different sets of components, so check if your prospective set has all the parts you need. To be absolutely sure that you're choosing the right assembly, refer to your vehicle's manual and check the existing assembly in your vehicle.

When choosing a window assembly, look for something that is DOT approved to ensure your safety. Also, never go for something that doesn't have complete and detailed installation instructions. The typical Kenco Windows Window Assembly includes the window glass (available in darkly tinted varieties) and pieces of mounting hardware. You have absolutely nothing to worry about in terms of the durability of these parts because Kenco Windows uses the most advanced technologies to manufacture their products. And these components go through rigorous quality checks before they're rolled out the factory.