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Ask a little kid what a car does and he'll tell you that it runs. A very simple answer, right? But that's really what cars are made for - to run. Or to make the function more specific, to transport you, your passengers and your cargos from one place to another, plain and easy.

If you share the same simplistic answer as that of a child, then the Kia Rio should be the perfect car for you. The Kia Rio is a small car introduced by Kia Motors in the North American automotive market in 2000 and continuously sold up to the present model year. A very basic car void of too many luxuries and too much complexity, the Kia Rio is currently the most affordable four-door sedan in the country. But in any case your definition of a car changes from that of a child to that of a demanding adult, you can easily create a whole new car out of your Kia Rio; that is by equipping it with various auto accessories that can fulfill your wants.

Among the many accessories available for the Kia Rio are the Kia Rio hubcaps and custom wheels. In its stock form, the Kia Rio is equipped with 14-inch steel wheels that are capable enough for daily driving. But if you want to make the wheels of your Rio to look more elegant, you can affordably do it by installing hubcaps. If you've got a little more money to spare, maybe you can consider replacing the stock Kia Rio wheels with custom aluminum-alloy wheels.

Now, if hubcaps and alloy wheels can't satisfy you and you have more than enough money to spend, why not replace your Rio's stock wheels with chrome rims. Kia Rio chrome wheels are the perfect addition or upgrade to your humble Kia Rio sedan. Highly polished and plated with chrome mirror, these wheels can attract more attention to your Kia Rio than what you expected it to.

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