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Every DIYer encounters the same problem at some point: how to clean all those greasy auto parts without turning the kitchen sink into a disgusting bowl of mud and grease. The practice isn't only disgusting; it's also dangerous to your health since all that dirt and oil could end up contaminating your food. It's also harmful to the environment since the degreasing solution goes down the drain. Fortunately, you don't have to do that anymore thanks to the Kleen N Screen Degreasing System.

The degreasing system by Kleen N Screen is the wonder product you've been waiting for. It'll make cleaning all your greasy components so much easier and neater. Now you don't have to use the kitchen sink or your wife's Tupperware just to clean and dry your tools and pieces of hardware. This degreasing system consisting of 3 trays (a top cover, inner grid tray, and solid bottom tray), 5 pairs of latex gloves and a pack of brushes will solve all your cleaning problems instantly.

There's no other degreasing product out there that's easier to use than this breakthrough 3-tray system. All you need to do to degrease your components is place them on the grid tray while it sits above the solid bottom tray. Next, pour or spray your degreasing solution on the greasy components, letting the solution seep through the perforated tray. Let the degreased components dry and use them good as new. You may also soak auto components in the solution inside the bottom tray while it's covered up, so the solution won't evaporate. Using the latex gloves and the brush, this amazing product saves you hours of work and frustration cleaning your greasy auto parts.