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Kleen Wheels Corporation has the best solution for keeping your wheels mightily rolling. Kleen Wheels has top-of-the-line wheel protection products that can help you keep your wheels gleaming. Aside from that, Kleen Wheels Products are guaranteed to keep your wheels safe from brake dust accumulation which is the primary cause of corrosion and early deterioration in wheels.

Among its line of products is the Kleen Wheels Dust Cover that prevents dust and dirt from accumulating on your wheels. There is also the Kleen Wheels Brake Dust Shields that help reduce brake dust accumulation in the wheel. These shields are manufactured from a single-piece construction aircraft grade-aluminum that are coated with a lifetime matte black finish.

Kleen Wheels Products are guaranteed to last a lifetime. Also, Kleen Wheels Products are all designed to fit easily inside the wheels, fitting both front and rear wheels, that does not need much work to install.

So if you really love your wheels, there is no more need to spend much time each day, washing and scrubbing them regularly. It costs much more work and time. But with Kleen Wheels, you get to really show your love for your wheels without spending too much time with tiresome work. So, gear up with Kleen Wheels and keep your wheels in top shape.

Kleen Wheels Brand Articles

  • Tips on Buying Kleen Wheels Brake Dust Shields

    Brake dust is damaging to the wheels of your car, and you've probably already spent long hours at the car wash scrubbing the grime and dust off your alloy wheels. Kleen Wheels Brake Dust Shields are built to make - and keep - your alloy car wheels clean, shiny, and looking like new. Kleen Wheels Brake Dust Shields are just like an inside hubcap. Once installed inside the wheel, they keep brake dust from getting into your wheel and help keep down time spent at the carwash as well. While you're there, don't bother steam cleaning your wheels. High-temperature steam can damage your wheels' protective coating, and after a while the surfaces become dull due to the changes in temperatures. Steam cleaning is, quite simply, a waste of time and money. Not only will you spend money cleaning the wheels, but you'll spend money replacing your wheels later after the repeated steam cleanings damage them.
    Using Kleen Wheels Brake Dust Shields as a preventative measure means no more acid cleaners on your car's wheels to remove the dirt and dust. The money you spent on abrasive cleaners, steam cleaning, and other wheel cleaning methods would better be spent purchasing something that will keep it clean and much more new-looking - Kleen Wheels Brake Dust Shields. Also, compare the cost of refinishing or replacing those alloy wheels completely. The investment you make today could save you money for as long as you own your car or truck.
    The dust shields use a technology called Turbo-venting, which keeps your brakes cool and prevents overheating. Kleen Wheels Brake Dust Shields will not void your vehicles warranty, are made to fit most cars and trucks, and are very easy to install. Made of a one-piece, no-maintenance alloy, Kleen Wheels Brake Dust Shields will keep working to protect your car's alloy wheels as long as they're installed.
    Your alloy wheels need protection from brake dust, road grime and other soils. Kleen Wheels will protect the investment you've put into those shiny wheels, keep your brakes cooler than they are right now with their special Turbo-venting technology, and save you money in the long run that can be used to buy even more stylish accessories for your ride. Plus, Kleen Wheels Brake Dust Shields do all of that while looking great. Pick up some Kleen Wheels Brake Dust Shields - your alloy wheels need them, and you'll turn heads as well.

  • Choosing the Right Kleen Wheels Product, For the Right Job

    Kleen Wheels is the ultimate permanent solution to the problem of brake dust buildup

    Kleen Wheels brake dust shields allow the same brake airflow as a factory steel wheel, which means no brake overheating

    Since they're made from aluminum, Kleen Wheels are built for long life in even the harshest conditions

    Kleen Wheels brake dust shields fit on your wheels, not your hubs, for exact fitment and the best possible dust resistance

    It's unfortunate for the makers of Kleen Wheels brake dust shields that another product purporting to do the same thing hit the market first. Not because of the competition, mind youKleen Wheels brake dust shields were vastly superior even then. It's because this other product was not designed to be safe and effective like Kleen Wheels brake dust shields, and they caused a rash of brake overheating problems before being discontinued. Let us first stress that Kleen Wheels brake dust shields operate using a different mounting arrangement preventing any sort of brake overheating problems. Kleen Wheels brake dust shields act as a liner on the inside of the wheel, not over the hub and brake caliper assembly. Cooling airflow is not impededonly brake dust is prevented from reaching the front of the wheel surface. In addition, Kleen Wheels brake dust shields are constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum and are designed to be a lifetime product. Installed properly, Kleen Wheels brake dust shields will effectively prevent brake dust buildup on all four wheels while giving good looks and great braking performance to boot. So if you're tired of cleaning your wheels, put down the brush. Install a set of Kleen Wheels brake dust shields and you're done.