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Notice how the temperature gauge goes up faster than usual? That's probably because it's been so long since you last changed your oil filter. Unfiltered oil filled with gunk hinders heat conduction causing increased friction of engine parts. To avoid overheating and other nasty effects of polluted oil, you should get yourself a Knecht Oil Filter Kit. The kit has everything you need to restore your oil filtering system to perfect condition, so you won't have to visit the auto store for any part you might be missing.

Knecht is part of the Mahle Group, one of the largest providers of auto parts in the worldwide automotive industry. It manufactures high-quality auto components for combustion engines. Knecht is an OE supplier to various European automobile manufacturers. Its heavy-duty products are used by countless motorists worldwide to filter oil, air and power steering fluid in their vehicles. These products' fit and filtration capacity are impeccable as they meet or exceed all industry standards.

As a DIYer, you how important it is to have clean oil running through your engine. Over time, the oil filter accumulates so much impurity that gunk builds up all over it. Aside from overheating, the vehicle may puff more smoke than usual and begin to leak. The result of course is poor road performance, which may even include stalling. Left unaddressed, frequent overheating may severely damage the engine, which would cost you big bucks at the auto repair shop-that is, if your engine can still be repaired.