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Fuel efficiency and proper suspension are two distinct factors that you should both observe for your vehicle to perform well on the road. But you can't maximize fuel efficiency and improve your suspension if parts that are responsible for these two are all old and busted. To have the best fuel economy and suspension possible, get yourself high-quality replacement parts from Kolb, a worldwide leader in automotive supplies. In terms of fuel efficiency, one product that's a real must-have is the Kolb Oil Drain Plug. This drain plug meets or exceeds all industry standards and OE specifications, so it's the perfect replacement for your factory drain plug that has loose threads and distorted sealing areas.

In terms of suspension, a part that really yields excellent results is the bump stop, which acts as a spacer to improve your vehicle's shock absorption. Bump stops are extensively used in racing where the massive downward force requires racers to have enhanced shock features. Without a bump stop, the downward force will result in excessive compression of the shock absorbers, causing the vehicle to bottom out or scrape against the pavement. Racecar drivers aren't the only ones who can benefit from improved suspension, but regular drivers as well. So if you're looking for a high-quality bump stop to add to your ride, use a Kolb Bump Stop for the most awesome results.

Another suspension part that's essential to smooth and safe driving is the strut mount bushing. This part provides enough cushion to your ride's strut mount, restricts its movements and prevents parts from wearing out due to friction. Remember that the strut mount bushing is a critical impact-absorbing part of your car, so you should see to it that it's always in perfect condition. If it's not, replace it immediately with a Kolb Strut Mount Bushing. Unlike your factory bushing, this replacement mount bushing is made of high-strength materials, so it will last a very long time.