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Get a more durable and well-crafted Kool Vue mirror in place of your broken or failing stock and enjoy a safer drive/
Wasn't it Narcissus who fell in love with his own image? If only mirrors were invented then, Narcissus would have been wiser to know that he was merely seeing his reflection. Today, there are no more like Narcissus who die because of their image, but the absence of mirrors can still be fatal in certain instances-take driving, for example. Neglecting the mirror in your vehicle can help cause road accidents. If you have a damaged car mirror, replace it at once. Thinking of a well-crafted, modern, and high-quality replacement? A Kool Vue mirror is a great choice.
You need at least two types of mirrors in your automobile, although you can still add auxiliary ones if you want to be totally aware of your environment while driving. The two basic mirror types are the side-view mirrors on both sides of your front windows, and the rearview mirror that is situated at the center of your soft top at eye level. You can find both types from Kool Vue. The brand also offers towing, angle, and rear windshield mirrors for all applications, available in various designs and constructions. Whatever vehicle make or model you have, rest assured that you are covered.
You can mix and match Kool Vue mirrors according to the type and class of your vehicle to get the best results, not only when it comes to road awareness but also for aesthetics. Mirrors from the brand are designed for fast and easy installation, so you can be an instant DIYer, a pure enthusiast at the finest. So don't settle for your broken or faded mirror. Replace it at once or go for an upgrade/

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  • Choosing the Right Kool Vue Product, For the Right Job

    Kool Vue is one of the divisions of The Perfect Fit Group, the biggest wholesaler of automotive parts in Southern California.

    Kool Vue specializes in producing high–quality mirrors for all vehicle makes and models.

    This company has over 950 part number that encompasses about 10,000 mirrors for all kinds of applications.

    Only the highest quality materials are used in producing all Kool Vue auto mirrors.

    Kool Vue is a company that specializes in superior auto mirrors. This company is one of the divisions of The Perfect Fit Group, which is one of the largest automotive wholesalers in Southern California. And for those who don't know, Kool Vue has been rolling out OE mirrors since 1994. This company has gone on to produce excellent products that won them hundreds, if not, thousands of satisfied customers. Every Kool Vue Mirror is carefully and precisely manufactured for a perfect fit and stylish look. All necessary clips and wiring harnesses are included in every mirror package to make installation convenient for every auto owner. Mirrors by Kool Vue come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Some even have LED lights integrated on them. Kool Vue Mirror is an OE replacement part with universal fit. Those who have passenger cars and trucks will benefit a lot by installing this high–quality mirror. An electric and manual remote goes with the Kool Vue mirror. It is also made in both black and chrome finish. Kool Vue makes all kinds of auto mirrors so car owners will have great choices whether their need is for a new side view mirror, rear view mirror, or a towing mirror.

    Pickup trucks and SUVs are great for off–road adventures. But their big stature makes it hard for the not–so–tall people to use them..Getting in and out can be a huge challenge since their height doesn't allow it. This is the reason for the nerf bar's being. These bars act as additional steps to make it easier for passengers to get on and off. Since passengers have to tread on the nerf bars, it must be non–slip to prevent accidents. Among the great kinds of nerf bars to use are the Kool Vue Nerf Bars. They usually come as a set. Each bar is made of a 3–inch diameter steel tubing. To keep users secure, every one of the bar is made with UV–resistant molded polymer step pads. These step pads ensure the passenger doesn't slip especially during rainy days. Installation of the Kool Vue Ner Bars doesn't pose any hardship. It comes with the necessary tools, bolts and screws that will facilitate the task. These are sure to fit all vehicle makes. These Kool Vue Nerf Bars are manufactured using premium materials that ensure their long service life. Even if they are regularly exposed to harmful elements – heat, rain, dust, and mud – they won't easily get corroded or worn out.

    Many car owners aim for superior performance. This kind of performance can be achieved in a lot of ways. One is by installing a high–quality color air intake system. It provides cooler air to the system that enables the engine to produce additional horsepower. Those who install a new cold air intake system must also consider a new filter to go with it. Cheap filters are abound; however, their performance can't really be assured. Car owners must settle only for tried and tested products like the Kool Vue Cold Air Intake Filter. This part is very efficient in screening harmful particles from the air so that they won't reach the engine where they can accumulate and possibly cause future problems. Some of the features that this part boasts are the 4–layer cotton gauze and strong molded rubber. Every Kool Vue Cold Air Intake Filter is crafted from first–rate materials to ensure superior screening capability even of the smallest molecule floating in the air. The fact that this filter is washable and reusable is another big advantage for car owners. Since the Kool Vue Cold Air Intake Filter is reusable, a car owner doesn't need to find a replacement immediately. This way he can save time and money.