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That whining, grinding or rattling noise you hear every time you step on the clutch pedal is your bad release bearing begging you to take it out immediately. And you must 'cause the noise is bound to grow louder as the busted bearing continues to deteriorate. Not to mention driving the car will also be a real pain. But don't just go for any replacement release bearing you see at the auto store or online. You have to install a heavy-duty bearing that'll last for years and perform flawlessly-something of world-class quality like the Koyo Release Bearing.

Koyo is a manufacturer that specializes in producing heavy-duty bearings for the automotive industry. Aside from their high-quality release bearings that meet or exceed all industry standards, their wheel hub assemblies are also amazing. The Koyo Wheel Hub Assembly contains everything you need to get your wheel hubs back in shape. As you may know, the assembly, which typically consists of the wheel, bearings and parts of the ABS, is integral to your vehicle's road performance. In many vehicles, the assembly should be replaced between 85,000-100,000 miles. With a new wheel hub assembly, all the noise and vibration that have been dogging you for weeks will instantly disappear.

Another product that you may need to replace now before it causes a lot of trouble is the timing belt tensioner. Lots of drivers make the mistake of replacing their belts without replacing their tensioners. The problem is, even if you have a new belt, it will soon squeak and slip if your tensioner is bad. To correct this problem, you need a top-notch tensioner like the Koyo Belt Tensioner, which will make your belt spin tight. This premium tensioner will also protect your pulleys from damage, silence any squealing noises in your serpentine belt system and keep the power flowing from your battery.