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There's a strong likelihood that you ruined your exhaust gasket when you bottomed out on the road this morning. It's not uncommon for the gasket to come loose due to external forces or because of the accumulated effects of wear and tear. If you can smell nasty exhaust gases when you open your hood, that's another sign you should replace the bad gasket immediately. But to make sure your next gasket holds tighter and lasts much longer than the one you just blew out, install a KP Exhaust Gasket.

KP is one of the most trusted manufacturers of auto parts in the industry. Its high-quality gaskets are used by motorists all over the country to keep their vehicles leak-free and working as efficiently as possible. One of their products that you must definitely try is the KP Manifold Gasket, which will increase your fuel efficiency like never before. There are two types of manifold gaskets in most cars: the intake and exhaust manifold gaskets. If you've never replaced any of these gaskets, then one of them could be the culprit to the leak in your exhaust system.

Another common site of leak is the timing cover gasket, which fastens the timing cover to the engine block. Without a tightly sealed gasket, pollutants will gain entry to the system and the timing chain and gears will lose lubrication. So if your car's timing cover gasket is clearly out of shape, replace it with a premium KP Timing Cover Gasket made of high-strength materials for extra durability and flexibility. With this gasket on, you'll never have to worry about leaks for years.