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As you may know, the glow plug's purpose is to enable you to start your engine even when it's cold. So if your vehicle refuses to start during cold mornings, then something must be wrong with the glow plug. A common cause of glow plug failure is a bad relay, so check yours if it's still in good shape or not. If it looks worn, corroded or burnt, throw it away and prepare to install a replacement part. And to make sure your replacement relay will last longer and perform better than the one you just lost, go for a Kracker Grow Plug Relay.

The number of manufacturers of car electronics today is simply astounding. The problem is, many of these manufacturers make flimsy replacement parts that'll just put your ride in jeopardy instead of restoring it. So to make sure you're not making the wrong choice for your next relay, choose Kracker, a well-established manufacturer of heavy-duty replacement auto parts. The Kracker Relay stands out among the rest 'cause it's made of extremely durable materials and it undergoes a variety of quality checks before being rolled out the factory. Ease of starting will be immediately noticeable once this premium relay is installed in your vehicle.

The reason why many glow plug relays fail is that they're designed to keep operating even when the engine is hot. Pressure eventually ruins the relay 'til it cannot help ignite fuel anymore. In fact, the typical factory relay can literally burn and corrosion can eat away at its threads due to wear and tear. If you can easily remove the brass studs from your existing relay, then chances are, it's already about to fail. You must replace it as quickly as possible or risk getting stranded in your garage every morning 'cause your car just won't start.