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Are you having trouble shifting to higher gears when the weather is cold? Is your heater not blowing enough hot air or is completely blowing cool air into the cabin? Then your thermostat has probably failed. If you've never replaced your thermostat before, you should replace it now or driving will be totally frustrating and freezing. Be careful with the replacement part you use though, 'cause there are many substandard thermostats out there. To get the best results, install a Kuzeh Thermostat-a high-quality replacement thermostat that countless drivers all over the country rely on.

You can't go wrong with Kuzeh because the company strictly observes all OE specs and industry standards in the manufacturing of their world-class thermostats. These thermostats are built from premium materials and are tested in extreme conditions to ensure impeccable quality. As you may know, thermostat problems, while relatively uncommon, almost always fall into two types: thermostats that stick shut and thermostats that stick open. A thermostat that sticks shut typically causes the "Engine Temp" light to turn on, and you might mistake it for coolant leak. If you don't see any leak and the light is still on, check your thermostat as it's probably stuck shut.

Meanwhile, a thermostat that's stuck open is harder to diagnose because a lot of vehicles aren't equipped with a "Low Engine Temp" light. In fact, many drivers don't even worry about cool engine temperatures. But here's a very good reason why you have to replace a thermostat that's stuck open: it creates considerable mileage penalties of up to 7%. That's because the low temperatures will cause fuel to condense on the cylinders, hindering proper combustion.