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Buying just any fuel pressure regulator is equivalent to throwing away your money. There's an endless array of fuel pressure regulators in the market today but a lot of these won't serve you for long. What you need is a heavy-duty regulator that will consistently fine-tune your fuel pressure to meet the requirements of your engine. A regulator so durable that it'll last years without acting up in any way, and instead deliver the best performance you can imagine. You need a world-class replacement part like the Kyosan Fuel Pressure Regulator.

You've probably heard of Kyosan if you've been into DIY auto modifications for a long time. This Japanese company has been manufacturing a wide variety of products since 1917. In fact, many of its products are among the very first seen in Japan and around the world. You'll be hard-pressed to find a company with better experience and credibility making fuel pressure regulators than this company. And if you need a new fuel filter, it would also be a very wise decision to go for a Kyosan Fuel Filter as it's infused with technologies honed through many years of manufacturing experience. If your factory filter's clogged with gunk, it's time to replace it with a heavy-duty one.

Another part of your fuel system that might need replacing is the cold start valve. It's responsible for injecting fuel into the air stream of the intake when the engine is cold, making for smoother starts. If your vehicle is running rich these past few days, its cold start valve is probably leaking. Good thing you can replace it with a Kyosan Cold Start Valve, a high-quality replacement part built from high-strength materials for extra durability. With this new valve installed, you'll never have problems starting your car again regardless of the weather's temperature.