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Land Rover Alternator

How can you tell if your Land Rover alternator is failing? There are often a number of warning signs. The most obvious clue would be the battery light on the dash panel. This light is usually triggered when the Land Rover alternator is not producing the proper amount of voltage. However, if you do not have a warning light showing on the dash, there are some other signs to clue you in to a failing Land Rover alternator. If your lights dim when you turn on an accessory that draws a good amount of power, like the rear defroster or the air conditioning, this may indicate a problem. The Land Rover alternator produces power from three separate sections independently, so it is possible for one of these to fail, cutting down, but not eliminating the power production of your Land Rover alternator. This means that the Land Rover alternator can fail slowly, section by section rather than a sudden complete loss of function. If this is the case, you may find that accessories seem weak, for example the power windows may move up and down more slowly, or the headlight may be dimmer than normal. This may not become an obvious problem until that cold morning, when the weak charge given to your battery by your limping Land Rover alternator will not start your vehicle, and then there you have it, the most definite sign of a problem with your Land Rover alternator, the dead battery. If your Land Rover alternator needs replacement, we have a selection of quality replacement parts at great prices in our online catalog. Our user-friendly secure site will make it easy to place your order, or our toll-free phone line can efficiently take your Land Rover alternator order as well.