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Land Rover Brake Disc

The Land Rover brake disc, also referred to as a brake rotor, is part of a disc brake assembly that also includes brake pads and brake calipers. The Land Rover brake disc is a one-piece metal disc that works in conjunction with the brake pads to generate the friction necessary to stop your vehicle. In a disc brake system, when you depress the brake pedal the brake calipers bring the pads into contact with the Land Rover brake disc. The powdered lining of the brake pads creates friction when it meets the metal Land Rover brake disc, which slows the rotation of the wheels to stop your car gradually and safely. This friction generates heat, which the Land Rover brake disc combats through the air that circulates between the braking surfaces. Brake pads consist of a powdered metal or synthetic lining attached to a metal plate. The most common way for a Land Rover brake disc to become damaged is when the brake pads are worn down to within an eighth of an inch or less of the plate. This means there is metal scraping on metal, and the surface of your Land Rover brake disc will suffer. It is important to regularly change your brake pads in order to minimize the potential damage to the Land Rover brake disc. However, even with regular brake pad changes, the Land Rover brake disc is subject to normal wear and tear, and will occasionally need to be replaces as well. Signs that your Land Rover brake disc may be faulty include shuddering breaks or a loud grinding noise when you stop, particularly if the grinding noise is preceded by a squealing sound, which signifies the need to change your brake pads. When you need a new set of Land Rover brake discs, you can find the parts that fit your vehicle's make and model in our extensive online catalogue.