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Land Rover Control Arm

Among the many components of your vehicle's all-important suspension system is the Land Rover control arm. You will find an upper and a lower Land Rover control arm at each wheel of your vehicle. The function of the Land Rover control arm is to flex with the up-and-down motion of your vehicle, allowing for a smooth ride and safe handling. The Land Rover control arm also helps keep your front end stable and your wheels aligned. Each Land Rover control arm is equipped with rubber bushings located at the pivot points. The rubber bushings on a Land Rover control arm serve to prevent friction as the control arm moves. These flexible parts also allow your wheels to move back into their proper positions. As you may suspect, the most common parts to cause problems with your Land Rover control arms are the rubber bushings. Like any rubber parts, the bushings deteriorate and become brittle over time, which restricts their movement and allows friction buildup. Another problem with your Land Rover control arms can occur when you hit a hard bump, such as a large pothole. Impacting the undercarriage of your vehicle can bend your Land Rover control arms. If you notice that your handling capabilities are diminished, or your front end is making noises, you may have damaged your Land Rover control arms. You should check your Land Rover control arms and rubber bushings whenever you have suspension work done on your vehicle, and replace them when necessary. In our extensive online catalogue, you will find a great selection of Land Rover control arms and control arm bushings to suit your vehicle's make and model.