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Land Rover Discovery Brake Pad Set

Solution to Common Land Rover Discovery Brake Pad Set Problems

Brake pads don't easily wear out. Generally, the vehicle will give you several signals that there is something wrong with your brakes. Here are some of the problems you may experience with Land Rover Discovery brake pad set and how to solve them:

Worn brake pads

You know it before it gets too low! If your brake pads are screaming at you every time you step onto the brake pedal, it is time to replace them as soon as possible. Yes, replace them in axle pairs. Don't allow this to happen, though. Inspect your brakes regularly. Metal wear indicators allow you to know if the brake pads have to be replaced.

Brakes simply don't bite

If the brake pedal is hard to depress and doesn't return, the problem is the brake booster. This can be found at the back of the engine. Replace or rebuild the brake booster. If the brakes feel low and screams, your brake booster is good and you need to check your brake pads or the brake lining. Sometimes, brake adjustment is required.

The new brake pads don't return in place

After sliding in the new brake pad into the brake caliper, you have to adjust the pistons before you can return the caliper in place. Using a C-clamp, push the piston(s) back to make new room for the thicker brake pad. Patience is the key here. Monitor the brake fluid level since the retracting piston(s) pushes the fluid up. Return the caliper in place after the piston has been retracted.

Grinding noise that can be felt in the pedal

Pull over or stop driving your vehicle when you experience this. Doing so will further damage your brake disc, resulting to more expensive repair. Check the lining if it is worn out. If so, replace it immediately.

The vehicle veers to one side when applying the brakes

There could be something wrong with your brake fluid or your brake calipers are stuck.

The vehicle bounces up and down when applying the brake

The problem could be the shock absorbers. Replace the shocks in pairs.

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  • Effective Ways to Preserve Your Land Rover Discovery Brake Pad Set

    There are plenty of options for you in the market when it comes to the best Land Rover Discovery brake pad set. A lot of people are in a constant search for a durable set of brake pads that would last long and can survive wear and tear. While it is inevitable for brake pads to get worn out after some time, many consumers still try their best to get a few that will last for a good couple o months or even a couple of years, so they wouldn't have to keep buying a new brake pad set as replacement. But what these consumers should know is that there are effective ways to prolong the life of their brake pads. Here's how:

    Follow a regular cleaning schedule.

    Your Land Rover Discovery brake pad set needs proper attention, so make sure that you allot enough time to clean it on a regular basis. The brake pads may be exposed to various particles and substance at all times, but this does not mean that you have to always neglect them. It would be better if you can get rid of dirt and various road particles that might have been stuck on your brake pads. The cleaning procedure won't take much of your time.

    Drive as smoothly as possible.

    When you drive aggressively all the time, there is a huge possibility for your brake pads to get worn out easily. You can expect your brake pads to last for quite a long time, but it would really help a lot if you try your best to drive in the smoothest way possible. Also, keep this in mind if you are fond of driving along rough terrains and bumpy roads every day.

    Inspect the condition of the pads often.

    Every once a in a while, make it a point to inspect the condition of each of your brake pads. If you notice that the brake pads are uneven, or when you can't see the material at all, this means that you need to replace them right away. You can do the inspection by removing the tires of your land Rover Discovery and visually assessing your brake pads.