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Land Rover Mirror

Mounted at various locations on your vehicle, you will find several Land Rover mirrors. The Land Rover mirrors most people usually think of first are the rearview Land Rover mirrors, especially if you've bumped your head on them a few times while entering or exiting your vehicle. The rear view Land Rover mirror is mounted onto an arm that is attached to the center of your windshield's interior. This particular Land Rover mirror is perhaps the most versatile one on your vehicle, as it can be rotated and adjusted in many different directions. Your rear view Land Rover mirror also contains a dimming feature for night driving. You may activate the dimming feature by using a manual toggle on the bottom of the mirror. Some rear view Land Rover mirrors are equipped with an automatic dimming feature that switches over to night vision whenever bright lights appear in it. Many rear view Land Rover mirrors feature small lights on the bottom edge controlled by a manual switch. These lights are called "map lights" because their original purpose was to enable the driver or passenger to read a map in the dark without compromising external visibility. The interior of your vehicle may also have Land Rover mirrors mounted on the inside flaps of your sun visors. Outside of your vehicle, there are two additional Land Rover mirrors that are connected to the top edges of your doors. These are your side view Land Rover mirrors. Side view Land Rover mirrors allow you to see the areas to the side of and behind your vehicle, so that you can safely pass other vehicles on the highway. You may also choose to mount oversized towing Land Rover mirrors if you use your vehicle to tow a trailer or boat. If your Land Rover mirrors are cracked, chipped, shattered, or detached, you can replace them quickly when you browse our extensive online catalogue for the Land Rover mirrors that fit your vehicle's make and model.