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Land Rover Starter

Most of the time you may attempt to localize and isolate the root of your vehicle's malfunction by opening the hood, putting the key in your ignition and turning the engine over, but if the problem is your Land Rover starter, you can pretty much skip two out of three of these steps. Although your Land Rover starter was constructed to last, as with any device or mechanism that operates on a friction basis, it will eventually succumb to the toll of friction, which is accelerated wear. A couple of signs that your Land Rover starter may be on its way out are if it hesitates upon starting and if your headlights seem less bright when your Land Rover is running. With a failed Land Rover starter, your vehicle simply will not start, the engine will not turn over. It is for this reason that if you begin to notice the subtle signs of a failing Land Rover starter, you should replace it immediately to avoid getting stranded somewhere, as it is hard to predict just when and where complete failure will occur. If the failure has to do with the brushes, you may be able, if stranded somewhere, to squeeze one more start out of your Land Rover starter by firmly striking the section that houses the brushes with the handle of a screwdriver or other implement. Don't bash it, although it may be tempting, just a firm wrist action sort of blow, which may be enough to get them spinning just one more time. Our online catalog carries a great selection of Land Rover starter replacements, as well as many other Land Rover parts and accessories. Our website features an encrypted ordering site designed specifically to protect your valuable information. However, if you prefer to order your Land Rover starter by telephone you can use our toll-free number and place your order directly with one of our customer service specialists.