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It's been ages since you last had an oil change and your engine is running very poorly: the valves are producing a lot of noise, the gauge always shows low oil pressure, and your vehicle frequently overheats. These are all signs that you have a bad oil pump, so you better act quickly before more problems-such as a severely damaged engine-crop up. To make sure systems under the hood are sufficiently lubricated with oil, install a Laso Oil Pump. This heavy-duty replacement pump is made of high-strength materials for extra durability and impeccable performance on the road.

Laso is a German manufacturer of various auto parts and it's been supplying spare parts for cars, trucks and buses in Germany and other countries for more than 40 years. You have nothing to worry about when it comes to this company's products as they're made with the highest industry standards. For instance, one of their products that many motorists rely on is the Laso Timing Chain Tensioner. This high-quality tensioner gets rid of all the grinding and rattling noises in your timing chain system. It also prevents your chain from catastrophically snapping in the middle of the highway. Unlike other tensioners, this world-class product is made of premium materials, so it'll last a very long time without giving you any problem.

Finally, another product that you should really try installing is the Laso ST Synchro Ring. If shifting is getting difficult, then chances are, your factory synchro ring is worn out. This is even more likely if the up-shifting produces grinding noise, which is usually avoidable when you shift very slowly. Good thing the product from Laso will get rid of all these problems right away 'cause it's precision-engineered to perform flawlessly. And since it meets and exceeds all industry standards and OE specs, you can rely on this replacement ring to last for years.