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Don't be surprised if you just found out that your axle is horribly bent when your vehicle has been with you for years. You must replace that bad axle immediately or driving will be a terrible experience because of all the annoying noise and vibration. For the best results, install a new axle assembly that's trusted by countless drivers nationwide: the Laycs Pacific Axle Assembly.

The typical axle assembly from Laycs Pacific contains all the components you need to restore your axle to perfect form. All its parts are built from premium materials, so expect them to turn out an incredible performance every time you hit the road. They may include high-strength boots for extra durability and precision-machined threads and splines that make installation a lot easier. Remember to consult your vehicle's manual though to know exactly which type of axle you need before choosing an axle assembly for your car.

As you may know, the axle usually sustains damage due to wear and tear. It may also badly bottom out or incur significant damage due to external forces. Clattering and clunking noises, as well as vibrations during acceleration are the most common symptoms of a bad axle. Be careful not to confuse a bad axle with other problems though, such as wheel misalignment. Once you're absolutely sure it's the axle that's the culprit, work on replacing the busted axle but only if you have enough DIY experience. If you're not sure you can pull it off, it's best to seek the help of a professional mechanic.