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Lexus GS400 Water Pump

Common Issues with the Lexus GS400 Water Pump

A broken Lexus GS400 water pump can lead to a lot of problems that would end up with an overheated engine. Troubleshooting your vehicle's water pump is quite easy as you simply have to look and listen for signs of trouble around this small component. Common problems that occur would be coolant leaks and even squealing noises from loose or worn belts. Take the time to troubleshoot your water pump and you'll find that you could save a lot of money compared to having a mechanic take a look at it for you. Check out our short guide below to find out how.

Leaking seals and hoses

Leaking coolant is by far the most common problem when it comes to faulty water pumps. A good way to start troubleshooting a leaking water pump is to find out if the leak is coming from the water pump itself or from the hoses attached to it. You'll need to go under your vehicle or peer through your car's engine bay to get a good look at your water pump. Check around the front and rear shaft of the water pump as these are common places where leaks occur. If the leak is coming from the hoses, then chances are that you only need to replace the seals inside or the hoses themselves. However, if you notice that the leak is coming from the water pump itself, then you'll need to have it replaced entirely instead. Some water pumps have "weep holes" and if you spot coolant coming out from there, then you definitely have a broken water pump that'll need to be changed ASAP.

Squealing noises

Another common problem with water pumps would be a squealing noise near the timing belt connected to the pump. You'll need to check the timing belt powering your water pump and see if it's already worn out or simply loose. Most timing belts can last between 60,000 and 90,000 miles before they need to be replaced. If you're nearing these numbers, then make sure that you inspect your timing belt as it may need to be re-tightened or replaced if it's already worn out.

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  • Lexus GS400 Water Pump Maintenance Tips

    An overheating engine can severely hamper your Lexus GS400's performance and leave you in a bad mood for the rest of the day. Avoid this by sticking to a regular maintenance schedule that not only involves your radiator but your car's water pump as well. Your Lexus GS400 water pump works full time and is responsible for circulating the coolant in your vehicle's cooling system. Once it breaks, then your car's engine will surely suffer. Water pumps tend to last for a long time, but you could extend its service life by sticking to a regular maintenance schedule that will definitely save you a lot of money in expensive cooling system repairs.

    Replace your vehicle's timing belt.

    Most water pumps are driven by a timing belt or accessory drive belt. If a belt snaps or breaks, then your water pump will cease to function and your vehicle will surely overheat. Most belts can last from 60,000 up to 90,000 miles, so it's best to replace yours when you're nearing these numbers. Inspect your timing belt for signs of wear and tear so you could replace them when necessary.

    Change your coolant regularly.

    You'd also want to change your coolant on a regular basis by flushing your radiator once every two years or when your coolant is already dirty. Your cooling system's worst enemy would be rust build up as it could clog inside your water pump or cause holes in your radiator.

    Check your water pump's weep holes for leaks.

    Your Lexus GS400 water pump is a closed system, so you can seldom make repairs and would simply have to replace it once it wears out over the span of its service life. One thing that you could do to spot a problem early would be to check for leaks when you see a puddle of coolant under your vehicle. Every water pump has a weep hole where coolant will leak out once the water pump is starting to fail. If you spot this early, you can save yourself the trouble and have your pump replaced as soon as possible.