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Lexus IS300 Cold Air Intake

Best Maintenance Tips for Your Lexus LS300 Cold Air Intake

Your Lexus LS300 Cold Air Intake does a great job of boosting engine power and fuel economy. To add to that, it also provides just enough purr to tease the speed demon in you. This component is very useful, but will eventually malfunction like all your other auto parts. But until that day comes, there are a number of ways you can prolong the life of your cold air intake. By following these simple procedures, you'll give your intake the maintenance it deserves and enjoy all the benefits that come with it.

Clean/Oil/Replace the filter

Your cold air intake's filter prevents debris from entering your air intake system and damaging it along with the engine. This filter, however, could get clogged, which will impede the performance of your intake. To ensure that your cold air intake is always in great condition, be sure to regularly clean and, at times, oil your filter. If the filter seems too banged up, you could always replace it with a new one, which would guarantee smooth, clean, and unrestricted intake performance. If you have a paper-element filter, it is highly recommended that you have it replaced every 30,000 miles.

Don't allow water to enter the intake

When water gets into your intake system, it could lead to engine damage. Unfortunately, since a cold air intake sits low and has a larger tube (as compared to a stock intake tube), the chances of water entering it are greater. How do you prevent water from entering your intake? First, you could simply see to it that your intake is sealed properly and that there aren't any gaps for water to seep in through. Secondly, keep in mind that your ride isn't amphibious; if you see deep water flooding the roadway, then find another route. By taking your ride into rising water levels, you put your intake in danger of taking in water.

Check your tubing

If your tubing passes through any holes in your vehicle's stock steel, make sure that you don't have any steel rubbing against your tubing. Steel can eventually wear your tubing out (even if it is made of aluminum) and create tears or holes. When this happens, debris can easily bypass your filter and enter the intake system.

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