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Lexus RX300 Headlight Assembly

Reasons behind Lexus RX300 Headlight Assembly Defects

Despite tough housing and covers, your Lexus Rx300's headlight assembly is still easily susceptible to damage because of its position. Since it is located at the front of your auto, it will generally deteriorate faster than other car parts. It may soon exhibit signs of wear and tear and cause all sorts of headlight problems like flickering and dimming lights. If you suspect that your stock headlight assembly is no longer performing its job properly, you'd better prepare yourself to perform some troubleshooting. Listed below are some problems encountered by the Lexus RX300 headlight assembly and the reasons behind them:

Headlights are not working

If your Lexus RX300's headlights simply won't start up, then your stock parts may have already burnt out. You see, this is a common issue encountered by car owners. Headlight bulbs can easily deteriorate with constant use. If you have recently replaced your bulbs but the headlights are still not working, then you might have an electrical problem. Unfortunately, if this is the case, you might need a little mechanical expertise if you would like to perform a DIY repair. It is best to let an expert perform an electrical repair to avoid aggravating your car's headlight problem.

Flickering headlights

Do you find your headlights flickering once in a while? It is possible that your stock headlight bulbs are nearing the end of their service lives? There are many reasons for this defect like a loose light bulb. To check, you can simply look if your lighting parts are secured safely in the socket. However, if this is not the issue, then you may indeed have wiring problems. The wires on the assembly may become loose, so they impair the flow of electricity to your headlights.

Dimming or cloudy headlights

Water can enter your headlights if you have worn sealants or defective housings. You see, this condensation buildup can cause lights to dim and impair your vision especially when driving during hazy or rainy weather conditions. Luckily, this is easily diagnosed just by performing a visual inspection.

Misaligned headlights

Malfunctioning lights can also be caused by misaligned parts. Luckily, the lights' position is easily noticeable. You can simply inspect the headlight assembly if it was installed correctly. This misalignment may also be caused by fender benders or rough driving.

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  • Know How to Keep Your Headlight Assembly in Top Condition

    In order to drive at night safely, you need to have a high-quality headlight assembly installed on your car. It also allows other drivers on the road to see you, preventing collisions caused by lack of lights that signify your presence. Although the headlight assembly is built to resist the vehicle's vibrations, it's still prone to get worn and damaged over time. To maintain your headlight assembly in good working condition, below are some tips you can apply in prolonging your headlight's service life.

    • Schedule a regular maintenance check.
    • Almost every part of your car needs to be inspected periodically. The same goes for your Lexus RX300 headlight assembly. Set a schedule on when to examine and clean your vehicle's headlights. Follow this schedule and make it as a routine when doing a regular, overall car maintenance.
    • Keep the headlight assembly clean.
    • Dimming headlights are usually caused by dirty, yellowed headlights. To restore its clear, bright light, you can clean the headlight lens with a lens polishing compound, also known as rubbing compound. Get a 1000-grit wet sandpaper, and use it to wipe the lens. But if your headlight lens has acquired a major damage, use a coarser grain of sandpaper such as a 5000-grit sandpaper. In addition to cleaning the headlight lens, you can also make your car's headlight look brand new. To do this, you can try using a coarse, red polishing compound followed by a fine, white compound. After you're finished with the polishing, clean the lens again using a safe cleaning agent.
    • Regularly reseal the headlight assembly.
    • Since the UV coating is what protects your headlight from the heat of the sun, it's important that you restore its UV coating regularly. The UV coating in a new headlight lens prevents the headlight from becoming yellow, cloudy, or gray. When the UV coating on your headlight wears off, apply a new UV lens coating or a sealer. One way to prolong your headlight lens' service life is to protect the UV coating applied on the lens. Shielding your headlight's UV coating helps you get rid of the need to restore it in the first place. Use a clear, urethane film to cover the lens. If you can't find a urethane film, you can use wax or paint sealer every time you wash your car.