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Lexus RX300 License Plate Bracket

Diagnosing Common Problems of Lexus RX300 License Plate Brackets

Although it is not technically essential for the Lexus RX300 to run, the license plate bracket is responsible for helping secure the license plate onto the body of the vehicle. So when it fails, you're likely to lose your SUV's license plate which, in turn, can lead to a lot of legal headaches. So while Lexus RX300 license plate bracket problems are rare, it is still wise to be able to assess and deal with these problems immediately in case such a problem pops up in the future. In this short guide, we'll share some of the common problems of license plate brackets for the Lexus RX300 SUV and how to troubleshoot them.

The bracket doesn't fit

One of the first problems Lexus RX300 owners encounter with their license plate brackets is difficulty installing the bracket onto the SUV. If this happens with your license plate bracket upon installation, check if it is actually compatible with your vehicle. This problem is common with universal-type brackets, as they may not be able to match the spacing and contours of the vehicle body. However, if the bracket is designed to fit the RX300, try tilting the upward or downward; some brackets only sit flush to the mounting holes if fitted on a specific angle.

The bracket feels loose

There have also been cases wherein the bracket does not fit snugly onto the vehicle, resulting with the license plate rattling while the vehicle is moving or, in worst cases, the plate actually falling off the vehicle. This problem is likely due to the screws or bolts are not catching on to the bracket and mounting properly. Check the screws or bolts that attach the bracket to your car and see if they catch on correctly. If not, you can either screw in stainless inserts coated with epoxy on the mounting holes and reinstall the bracket, or buy a larger screw or bolt.


Because of their location, license plate brackets are exposed to dirt and moisture which can facilitate the onset of corrosion. Minor signs of corrosion can be fixed by rubbing it with sandpaper and coating it with a layer of paint, although severely corroded brackets are best replaced instead.

  • Tips on Maintaining Lexus RX300 License Plate Brackets

    Lexus RX300 owners often take for granted the license plate brackets on their SUV. That is, until it breaks down. Though usually advertised to be tough enough to last the life of the vehicle, Lexus RX300 license plate brackets are still vulnerable to wear and damage from the road. But with proper maintenance, the license plate brackets are protected against wear and ensure that both the bracket and the license plate attached to it will be secured safely onto the vehicle for many years to come. In this brief guide, we'll share some easy and simple ways to maintain your Lexus RX300 SUV's license plate brackets.

    Inspect the brackets regularly.

    We recommend doing an ocular inspection of the brackets every time you wash your SUV. Some of the things you need to look out for include loose or worn mounting nuts or screws, rust, and cracks in the material. Also, pay attention to any rattling sounds coming from the license plates when driving; it may indicate that the bracket is loose or damaged.

    Make sure that the nuts and screws are in good condition.

    Improperly tightened license plate bracket mounting nuts or screws may become loose over time and drastically increase the risk of the bracket and the license plate from falling off the vehicle. Check if the nuts or screws catch on properly to the holes and whether they are screwed in tightly. Also, check condition of the threads to see if they are not worn out or seriously damaged, and replace those with compromised threads as necessary. Also, if the screws or bolts appear smaller than their intended mounting holes, either replace them with a larger one or place a stainless insert on the hole before screwing in the mounting bolt/nut.

    Check for and remove rust from metal brackets.

    Corrosion is a common problem with metal license plate brackets which, if left untreated, would gradually cause the bracket to rot away. Minor spots of rust on the bracket surface can be removed using sandpaper or steel wool, although severely decayed brackets must be replaced. In addition, we also recommend painting or coating the bracket with rust protectant to prevent against the onset of rust.