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Give your vinyl a quick fix with the Lifestyle Repair Products

Lifestyle Repair has been producing top notch car maintenance products for years.

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Lifestyle Repair is the brand to look for when it comes to repair kits and auto maintenance products.

Admit it. You love your car more than anything else. Nothing pisses you off more than having passengers eat or smoke inside your car and ruining your vinyl seats. Food and drink stains are almost forgivable, but cigarette burns are crossing the line. Don't let your anger get the better of you. You can't ask your regular passengers to quit eating or smoking in your car. That's almost like asking them not to ride in your car. Instead, fix the damage yourself. Damaged vinyl is pretty easy to fix with the Lifestyle Repair Vinyl Repair Kit. Each kit contains seven colors which you can mix. Don't get lost in the colors, though. There's an easy-to-follow color mixing guide which will help you mix the right colors to match the shade of your vinyl. If you think you still need to practice before using the kit on your seats, you can work on the pieces of vinyl included. The kit also includes a spatula to help you mix the colors without getting them all over your fingers. The Lifestyle Repair Vinyl Repair Kit also has mixing cups to help you mix and match colors without spilling any. Apply a generous amount on damaged spots or areas and just cover with grain paper. Just wait for it to dry and you're done! If this fun and simple repair job doesn't cheer you up, its results definitely will. No damage is way too tough for the Lifestyle Repair Vinyl Repair Kit to fix.

Your car is your most prized possession. Nothing hurts you more than to see it get damaged anywhere, even its seats. The problem is, even if you furnish your seats with expensive leather covers, it won't stop your passengers from accidentally causing damage to them. Cigarette burns, food and drink stains, cuts and tears - all these will bring great pain to your heart but you can't really avoid them. That's unless you don't let anyone ride on your car. Then you'd be a loner. What you need is a quick fix - the Lifestyle Repair Fabric Repair Kit. You'll have seven different fabric colors to work with. You can mix them up to match the fabric color of your seats. If you're no artist or color expert, you can always read the color assist mixing chart which will tell you which colors to mix. It comes with easy-to-follow instructions in case you get lost while mixing colors. Try not to get your hands dirty, though, by using the spatula included. Just apply a little of the color mixture on the damaged fabric area, cover with fabric adhesive, and then wait. The Lifestyle Repair Fabric Repair Kit will give you seamless results in just a few moments. The best part is that you save money, time and energy. There's no need for you to get worked up over a few damages. As long as it's made of fabric, this kit will fix it. Repair those damages completely with the Lifestyle Repair Fabric Repair Kit.