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Thanks to the wonders of hydraulics, most cars nowadays have trunks and hatches that can be opened effortlessly. That's because apart from the supporting hinges, trunks and hatches now have lift struts to raise them automatically.Not only does a lift strut make loading cargo easier and more convenient, it also protects you from injury caused by any untoward accidents. If you've ever had the trunk or glass hatch crash down on your head or hands while you're loading cargo, you'll appreciate what the lift strut does.It's just like the shock absorbers supporting your car's weight. The strut contains either fluid or compressed air that lets it hold the trunk or glass hatch in a raised position. Although useful, however, the lift strut can wear out over time.You'll know it's time to replace it once the strut starts leaking fluid or when it no longer supports the trunk or hatch steadily. Don't fret. Carparts has plenty of lift struts in stock for you.

• Sturdy construction ensures sufficient support for the trunk or hatch

• Helps make cargo loading more convenient

• Fits a variety of vehicle makes and models

Lift Strut Articles

  • Quick and Hassle-free Lift Strut Installation

    If you own a hatchback or SUV with a cargo compartment that can be accessed with the help of a lift gate, then you have to make sure that its lift strut is in tip-top shape. Typically made from high-quality metal, this strut eventually corrodes or leaks due to debris build-up. Once this happens, it has to be replaced immediately to avoid lift gate problems. Read on to know the steps on how to install a replacement lift strut at home with the help of a few simple tools.

    Required skill level: Intermediate

    Needed tools and materials:

    1. Flat-head screwdriver
    2. Support rod
    3. Small adjustable wrench
    4. Replacement lift strut

    Preparing the vehicle

    Lift your vehicle's lift gate. Then, prop the support rod so that the lift gate will remain open even if the struts have been removed. Also, don't forget to raise the gate high enough so that the struts can be easily accessed.

    Removing the faulty lift strut

    Using the flat-head screwdriver, gently remove the retaining clips located at the bottom and top of the strut. Once the clips have been removed, place them somewhere safe. Then, carefully pull the strut away from the door jamb and lift gate's ball mounting.

    Installing the new strut

    Put the replacement lift strut in place. Make sure that the sockets of the strut are flushed with the ball mountings of the door jamb and lift gate so that the strut will not fall.

    Finishing the installation

    Secure the new strut by reinstalling the retaining clips. Don't forget to gently push them in until they snap in place. In case your vehicle is equipped with two lift gate struts, repeat all these steps to replace the other strut.


    • To make your lift strut last for a long time, routinely clean its metal parts using a soft, clean cloth. However, avoid using strong cleaners or wax because these compounds may scratch or corrode the strut.
    • If your vehicle's lift strut is secured by several screws or bolts instead of clips, then use a small adjustable wrench to remove or loosen these components. Just turn the screws in a counterclockwise direction to remove them.