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Lincoln Air Deflector

When you choose to install a Lincoln air deflector on your vehicle, you make a wise decision, as this is an aftermarket vehicle accessory that's numerous benefits far outweigh its surprisingly affordable price. With a Lincoln air deflector on your hood, you'll enjoy a greater degree of visibility during bad weather, as it is precision engineered to redirect the flow of air so that instead of striking the windshield, it flows up and over the vehicle, taking a good portion of the wind driven snow and rain with it. There will be less bug smear to scrub, and perhaps more importantly, there will be less road debris hitting the hood and windshield, nicking the paint and scratching the glass. A Lincoln air deflector is as attractive as it is practical, and will add a welcome touch of style to almost any vehicle, as the very features that help it to perform so well, the streamlined, sleek elegance of its design, also serve to make it look great installed. The installation of a Lincoln air deflector on your hood requires no drilling and can be completed in less than an hour, in most circumstances. Each Lincoln air deflector is shipped with a set of instructions written with your installation success in mind. In addition to the Lincoln air deflector for the hood, we also carry versions for the rear and side windows. When all three types of Lincoln air deflector are used together, there is an added benefit. Your Lincoln will be more aerodynamic, and the reduced wind drag can help to increase your fuel mileage, as your engine will not have to work quite so hard to propel your vehicle forward, thus reducing its fuel demand. You'll find each type of Lincoln air deflector available in our online catalog, all readily ordered online, via our secure site, or via our toll-free telephone number.