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Lincoln Alternator

Has your vehicle been behaving a little off, lights dimming and the power windows taking a long time to open? You may have a problem brewing with the Lincoln alternator. If your new battery is giving a weak start in the mornings, perhaps it is not getting enough charge from the Lincoln alternator to do its job as well as it should. The alternator is a key component in your vehicles charging system, converting the mechanical energy from the engine into electrical voltage to charge the battery. If the Lincoln alternator is not doing its job efficiently, your battery will not have enough power to run those lights and windows well. The Lincoln alternator often fails gradually, showing signs of weakness as it deteriorates. This can happen because of the construction of the Lincoln alternator, with three separate sections that each produce their own voltage in turn, making it possible for one or even two sections to fail with the Lincoln alternator continuing to produce power at a reduced rate. Often as it begins to malfunction, the Lincoln alternator will make noise. This is usually a grinding noise indicating that the bearings upon which its rotor spins have failed. Another point to check when having trouble is the Lincoln alternator is the connections, making sure they are secure, and the tightness of the belt, which if slipping can cause poor performance in your Lincoln alternator. If you find that your Lincoln alternator has seen better days, we carry a selection of quality replacements in our online catalog, all at great prices. Our secure site is available to efficiently take your Lincoln alternator order, as well as our toll-free phone