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Lincoln LS Grille Guard

The automotive industry is serving a wide market; almost every man on earth wants to have a vehicle that can transport them to every destination they want to be. And since everyone among us have different preferences when it comes to many things, it is more likely that we also prefer differently when it comes to vehicles. That's why our automakers in the auto industry are offering vehicles in different levels; compact vehicles, utility and sport-utility vehicles, luxury vehicles, etc. Ford, for example, has Lincoln; a luxury automobile brand to provide luxury vehicle enthusiasts the right specifications they want. Lincoln, in turn, has created many vehicles in different models and trims like the Lincoln LS. It is a model that includes delicate and elegant features which includes nice auto grills. For replacement, the market offers quality Lincoln LS chrome auto grills and other Lincoln LS parts that are nice for restyling.

The LS model of Lincoln was introduced in early 1999 as the 2000 model. It is a midsize, rear-wheel drive luxury car that shares the Ford DEW98 platform with the Jaguar S-Type and Ford Thunderbird. The Lincoln LS is also the first one to use manual transmission in decades of Lincoln models. The LS featured a V8 engine, a near 50/50 weight distribution and a sporting nature which made it more appealing to drivers; comfortable features are also complete in its specifications, offering a much more enjoyable ride and feel of luxury. In 2003, it was restyled and received more power, updated exterior trim and more options; an electronic parking brake being the most notable this time. Lincoln, however, announced that LS production will cease at the end of 2006 model year. Though this is the case, there are still lots of LS enthusiasts who want to keep their "baby" running, and you may be one of them. Now, the good news is that you can keep your LS in its sporty and luxury shape with all the replacement and upgrade parts that are available in the market.

As we all know, grills are one important vehicle part concerning performance; it is the opening at the front of a vehicle that allows air into the radiator to help cool the engine. And definitely, you need one reliable grill for your Lincoln LS; so, if you're worrying about your Lincoln LS' grill; don't be. The market offers many grill pieces that you can get for your LS; chrome auto grills are also available should you want a more exciting feature for your ride. Chrome auto grills are grills with shiny finish; it is a better grill replacement since it has rust protection aside from the aesthetic value it can give your LS. Many grill manufacturers and dealers in the market today offer chrome auto grills; and surely there are pieces that can fit your LS perfectly. Chrome auto grills are available whether as replacement chrome auto grill, OEM chrome auto grill, factory chrome auto grill or performance chrome auto grill.