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Lincoln Navigator Suspension Lift Kit

Would an American full-size SUV fit in the luxury vehicle market segment? The luxury SUV concept has been an unthinkable concept in the past, with only Land Rover having the courage to introduce one in the Land Rover Ranger Rover. During that time, a rugged SUV simply have no place in the luxury vehicle segment, which was particularly known for smooth cruising cars that provide very comfortable rides. Everything changed, however, when the Lincoln Navigator was introduced.

The Lincoln Navigator is a full-size luxury SUV introduced by Ford's Lincoln/Mercury division in 1998 and manufactured and sold up until this day. The Lincoln Navigator is basically a luxury version of the Ford Expedition, sharing a lot of parts with the rather basic full-size SUV. As such, you can still find some traces of the basic and rugged SUV in the Navigator. Its ride, however, cannot be mistaken for anything else than that of a real luxury vehicle, thanks to the very capable Lincoln Navigator suspensions it is equipped with.

The suspension refers to the system of springs, shock absorbers and linkages that connects the vehicle's frame, body, engine, and other power train parts to the wheels and suspends these parts above it. Suspensions systems perform dual purposes. First, it maintains the wheels' contact with the road surface so as to aid in handling and braking. Then, it also lessens the jarring of the vehicle by absorbing bumps and vibrations, thus making rides smoother and more comfortable.

Current models of the Lincoln Navigator are all equipped with a four-corner load-leveling suspension system, a suspension system once available only for 4x4 Lincoln Navigator models. This suspension system makes use of front air shocks and rear air springs to control the height and the ride of the vehicle. By maintaining a uniform ride height, the Lincoln Navigator suspension provides for a smoother and more comfortable ride. The four-corner load-leveling suspension system also allows the Navigator's step-in height to be lowered the moment it stops, allowing for easier entry and exit.

The Lincoln Navigator suspension system is an amazing suspension system - a system worthy of proper care and maintenance. That's why for any damage in any of the Lincoln Navigator suspension parts, make sure that you get only the best replacements from reliable online auto parts sources.

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